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JOHN H. MONROE, though a young man, has developed unusual ability as a tradesman, and is the junior member of the firm of J. B. Monroe & Co., engaged in a general merchandise trade at Horton, Ky. At the age of twenty years, young Monroe engaged in the timber business and stave-cutting, which he continued for one year, after which he traveled for pleasure one year, visiting many important and interesting points in the South and West; then entered into the mercantile trade, which now occupies all his attention. Mr. Monroe had fair advantages in education, and his mind is well stored with the learning of books, as well as with that of practical life. His father, John J. Monroe, is a native of Kentucky, and is yet living, aged fifty-six years. His grandfather was born in Virginia, and moved to Ohio County, Ky.; died at the age of sixty-five years in Ohio County. Charlotte (Stevens) Monroe, the wife of John J. Monroe, died in 1881, at the age of forty-nine years, leaving eight children, of which number the subject of our sketch is the fourth. His grandfathers, Andrew Monroe and Henry Stevens, were both natives of Ohio County, Ky. John H. is politically a Democrat, and takes a strong position in favor of temperance. He was born in 1861.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note: John H. Monroe married Eleanor M. Crowder; he died 28 Nov 1935 and they are buried in Rosine Cemetery, Ohio County.

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