Saturday, February 3, 2018

Grant/Leach Bible

Elizabeth Catherine Grant (1880-1941) married John Mellon Leach (1858-1941). Both were born and died in Ohio County. They married in 1905 and had eight children. Here are images of the Bible given her in 1915 by her husband:

Image one is front cover of the Bible.

Image two shows hand-written info about her father, Robert P. Grant (1842-1901) at top and info about his children and her father's military service at bottom.

Image three shows Elizabeth & John lived in Cromwell in 1915.

Image four gives information about their marriage.
Image five gives information about births for the family. Note that John Mellon Leach had previously been married to Elizabeth C. Sorrels (1871-1902) and some of the people listed in the Bible are children of his first marriage and some are grandchildren.

Image six shows marriage information.

Image seven shows death information.

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