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Equality Methodist Church Cemetery - First of Three Postings

Established 1857
Established 1889

Cemetery List compiled May, 2007
Juanita Overhults Brown

***Addington, Joshua B. --(Buried in old Equality Cemetery, no TS) Family: b. 11 Nov 1804 16 Feb 1869 OCK; s/o William Henry & Dorcas (Barnard) Addington; 1m. 04 Mar 1828 Sally Ann (Cooper), b. 1804- KY -d. ca 1833 KY; Lived in the Goshen area near Beaver Dam and probably buried in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery on the Goshen Rd., OCK.; d/o Henry & Nancy (Phipps) Cooper; 3m. Polly (Fulkerson) m. 14 Mar 1861.
***Addington, Sallie (Igleheart)--(No TS, buried in the old Equality Cemetery) Family: b. 26 Dec 1804-d. bet 1860 Census & 14 Mar 1861 KY; 2w/o Joshua B. Addington, (m. 07 Oct 1834 KY); d/o John & Rachel (Nichols) Igleheart.              

***Addington, John Henry--Family: b.11 Oct 1832--d.1840-1850 died young; s/o Joshua B. & Sallie (Cooper) Addington.  May have been buried with his mother in the Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery on the Goshen Rd., OCK.

***Addington, George W. --Family: b. 1849-d. 17 Apr 1852; s/o Joshua & Sallie (Igleheart) Addington.
Addington, Andrew Jackson--TS: b. 01 Oct 1844-d. 18 May 1923; KVS: OCK; s/o Joshua & Sarah “Sallie” (Igleheart) Addington.
Addington,  Rhoda J. (Brown)--TS: b. 07 Mar 1844 OCK-d. TS inscription 18 Feb 1896 is incorrect.  Family: dod-10 Feb 1899 OCK.  TS put up recently, death date incorrect via newspaper Hartford Republican., p.2, Feb 17, 1899); w/o Andrew Jackson Addington (m.14 Feb 1865 OCK); d/o Presley & Sarah “Sallie” Humphrey Brown.

**Addington, Sallie Irabelle--Obit: b. 25 Dec 1878 KY-d. 13 Feb 1882; d/o Andrew Jackson & Rhoda Jane (Brown) Addington.

Addington, Elijah P. --TS: b. 19 Mar 1847 KVS: KY-d. 26 Nov 1924, KVS: OCK; s/o Joshua B. & Sallie (Igleheart) Addington  (Elijah, never married.).
Addington, William  Blackman--TS: b. 04 Apr 1811 OCK-d. 12 Apr 1893 OCK; s/o William Henry & Dorcas (Barnard) Addington.
Addington, Nancy (Coleman)--TS: b. 24 Sep 1811 KY -d. 01 Mar 1883 KY; w/o William Blackman Addington (m. 19 Nov 1834 KY); d/o Henry & Delilah (Hocker) Coleman.
Addington,  John Wesley--TS: b. 25 May 1840 OCK-d. 28 Feb 1896 OCK; s/o William Blackman & Nancy (Coleman) Addington.
**Addington, Cordelia (Drake)--KVS: b. 27 May 1850-d. 25 Aug 1911 KVS: MCK.   (Death certificate lists Smallhous as burial place, but no tombstone found there.  No TS at Equality Cemetery either.); w/o John Wesley Addington (m. 12 Sep 1867 MCK); d/o Benjamin Tolbert & Mary Ann (Bilbro) Drake.
***Addington, William Benjamin--BAC’s book: b. 21 Apr 1870-d. 08 Mar 1871; s/o John Wesley & Cordelia (Drake) Addington.
***Addington, Mary D. --BAC’s book: b. 23 Oct 1879-d. 09 Oct 1880; d/o John Wesley & Cordelia (Drake) Addington.
**Addington, Laura Z. --BAC’s book: b. 03 Mar 1881, H. Rep. obit:1883-d. 08 Mar1901; d/o  John Wesley & Cordelia (Drake) Addington.
**Addington, Infant--BAC’s book: b. 15 May 1890-d. 23 Jun 1890; s/o  John Wesley & Cordelia (Drake) Addington.
**Addington, Jennie B. --BAC’s book: b. 03 Feb 1894-d. 12 Aug 1894; d/o John Wesley & Cordelia (Drake) Addington.
Addington, Ada Belle (Addington)--TS: b. 03 Jan 1869 OCK-d. 16 Sep 1940 OCK; w/o William “Willie” Blackman Addington, III (m. 16 Dec 1895); WBA was buried in ARK in 1926; d/o John Wesley & Cordelia (Drake) Addington.
Addington, John Lee--TS: b.1872, KVS: OCK 01 Dec 1872-TS: d.1933, KVS: 08 Oct 1933 MCK;
s/o John Wesley & Cordelia (Drake) Addington.          

Addington, Elizabeth “Betty” (Allen)--TS: b. 1873, Other source: Nov--TS: d. 1956, KVS: 28 Nov 1956 MCK; w/o John Lee Addington (m. 27 Feb 1896 OCK); d/o Thomas “Tom” & Susan (Bullock) Everly Allen.      
Addington, Arlie--TS: b. 11 Oct 1900-d. 18 Jul 1901, Other source: d. 08 Jul 1901; s/o John Lee & Elizabeth “Betty” Addington.                         

Addington, Albin Luther--TS: b. 07 Mar 1882 OCK, d-10 Oct 1922, KVS: 10 Nov 1922 OCK.  (Family: Month of death on TS incorrect); s/o John Wesley & Cordelia (Drake) Addington; Veteran of Spanish American War.
Addington, Ora Ellen (Brown)--TS: b. 23 Mar 1889 OCK-d. 27 Aug 1976 OCK; w/o Albin Luther Addington (m. 03 Jul 1910 OCK); d/o Elijah Collins & Lu(isa) Melvin (Igleheart) Brown.
Addington, Infant (Luther-via KVS)--TS: b. 14 Sep 1911 KY-d.18 Sep 1911 OCK; s/o Albin Luther and Ora Ellen (Brown) Addington.               

Addington, William “Bill” Meredith--TS: 27 Mar 1847-d. 25 Sep 1938, KVS: 28 Sep 1938 OCK;
s/o William Blackman & Nancy (Coleman) Addington.
Addington, Margaret Priscilla (Kimbley)--TS: b. 30 Sep 1850-d.19 Jul 1937, KVS: OCK; w/o Wm Meredith Addington (m. 20 Oct 1870 OCK); d/o Andrew Jackson & Sarah Ann (Graves) Kimbley.
**Addington, Henry Pigman “Henry Pig”--b. KVS: 11 May 1876 OCK-d. 22 Jan 1935
Hopkinsville, Christian Co., KY.  Obit says, “Brought to Equality for burial”; s/o William “Bill” Meredith & Margaret Priscilla (Kimbley) Addington; h/o Esther Bertha Meyerhoffer.  Married in MCK. 
Addington, Frank Ray--TS: b. 12 Dec 1879, KVS: KY, d. 01 May 1960, KVS: OCK;
s/o William “Bill” Meredith & Margaret Priscilla (Kimbley) Addington.
Addington, Grace (Reid)--TS: b. 26 Jul 1882, KVS: KY-d.23 Nov 1965, KVS: OCK;
w/o Frank Ray Addington (m. 23 Sep 1903); d/o “Zach” & Mary “Mollie” C. (Fields) Reid.
Addington, Infant son (Reid)--TS: b. 28 Aug 1905, Other source: OCK-d.31 Aug 1905,
Other source: OCK; s/o Frank Ray & Grace (Reid) Addington.

Addington, William Kimbley “Little Bill”--TS: b. 04 Aug 1882, KVS: KY-d. 16 Oct 1973, KVS: OCK; s/o William “Bill” Meredith and Margaret Priscilla (Kimbley) Addington.
Addington, Eulah “Eula” (Withrow)--TS: b. 19 Oct 1885, KVS: KY-d.14 Dec 1973, KVS: OCK; w/o William Kimbley Addington (m. 19 Aug 1908 KY); d/o Samuel Elgin & Myrtle “Mertie” A. (Igleheart) Withrow.
**Addington, Infant--from newspaper: b. ca 26 Oct 1912; d/o William Kimbley & Eulah “Eula” (Withrow) Addington.
***Addington, Mary D. --Family: b. 1849-d. Census: 1860-1870; d/o William Blackman & Nancy (Coleman) Addington.   

Alexander, John Jerdon--TS: b. 30 Mar 1891, Family info: IN-d. 27 Sep 1921, KVS: Jefferson Co., KY; s/o Merton & Agnes (Semersheim) Alexander; h/o *Clara Bell (Durham) (m. 23 Mar 1912 McLean Co., KY) John was killed in a Martwick Mines-MCK accident.  (She 2m. Marion Ball, 05 Sep 1922 OCK.)
Allen, Debbie--TS: b. 12 Jan 1903-d.10 Jul 1903; d/o George Washington & Sallie Elizabeth (Cummings) Allen.
Allen, Ruby (Igleheart)--TS: b. 27 Jan 1901-d. 20 Feb 1922, KVS: MCK; w/o Chester L. Allen (m._);
 d/o Clark M. & Anna “Annie” L. (Withrow) Igleheart
Allen, Susan W. (Bullock)--TS: b. 29 Oct 1836-d. 12 Jun 1903; 1m. *Francis Marion Everly (m. 19 Oct 1858 MCK);  2m. *Thomas “Tom” W. Allen (m. 02 Jul 1866 OCK)   He was b. 1841-d. 28 Jan 1883;
d/o Joseph & Catherine (Conner) Bullock.
Allen, Samuel “Sam” W. --TS: b. 04 Apr 1871, KVS: McLean Co., KY-d.13 Jan 1935, KVS: Hopkinsville, Christian Co., KY.  (KVS lists burial at Centertown-TS at Equality.);
s/o Thomas “Tom”  W. & Susan  W. (Bullock) Everly Allen.
Allen/Barnard, Leona C. (Brown)--TS: b. 14 Jul 1878-d. 24 Jan 1944, obit: 25 Jan 1925
Hopkinsville, Christian Co., KY; 1m. Samuel “Sam” W. Allen  (m. 16 Apr 1896); 2m. Mayworth Barnard (m. 29 Jul 1939 OCK) (He is buried at the Billie Fulkerson Cemetery); d/o William Logan & Harriet Ann (Addington) Brown.
Allen, Bertie May--TS: b. 14 Aug 1915 OCK-d. 12 Apr 1917; d/o Samuel W. & Leona C. (Brown) Allen.
**Alvey, Douglas F. --KVS: b. 18 Aug 1911-d. 23 Sep 1913 OCK; s/o Luke and Belle (Eaves) Alvey.
Ashby, Bertie Belle (Balls)--Buried as a Balls.  See Balls listing for info.
Ashby, Shelby--TS: b. 12 Feb 1857 KY-d. 18 May 1921 KY; s/o Jared T. & Elizabeth (Brown) Ashby.
Ashby, Artelia E. (Brown)--TS: b. 27 Oct 1860 KY -d. No date, Other source: 22 Nov 1936; w/o Shelby Ashby (m. 12 Oct 1885 OCK); d/o James Ben & Altha Celia (Addington) Brown.
Atherton, Frank E. Ray--TS: b. 17 Oct 1897-d. 26 Aug 1914, KVS: 25 Aug 1914 MCK (Death certificate lists burial in Central City, but TS is at Equality Cemetery.); s/o Wm. P. & Amanda Jennie (Calvert) Atherton.        
Balls, Thomas F. --TS: b. 1845, KVS: Sep 1845 ARK, Other info: 07 Sep 1845-d. 1915 KVS: 27 May 1915 OCK; s/o Robert Rellic & Martha (Bell) Balls; step-s/o Wm Murrell Hunter who 2m. Martha (Bell) Balls.   

Balls, Eliza Henrietta (Curtis)--TS: b. 1855, KVS: 15 Dec KY-d. 1924, KVS: 31 Mar 1924 OCK; w/o Thomas F. Balls (m. 16 Dec 1877 KY); d/o James A. & Nancy Emmeline (Addington) Curtis.                      

***Balls, Jessy H. --TS: b. 02 Dec 1878-d. 09 Jun 1879 (Jessy, R. C. and Wm B. Balls are all on one stone in the old Equality Cemetery down by the church.); child/o Thomas F. & Eliza Henrietta (Curtis) Balls.
***Balls, R. C. --TS: b. 02 Jul 1880-d. 17 Oct 1883; child/o Thomas F. & Eliza Henrietta (Curtis) Balls.
***Balls, William B. --TS: b. 04 Feb 1884-d. 01 Aug 1885; s/o Thomas F. & Eliza Henrietta (Curtis)Balls.
***Balls, Infant--b. 23 May 1891 (dates from old cemetery list) –d. 15 Jun 1892 (dates from old cemetery list); child/o Thomas F. & Eliza Henrietta (Curtis) Balls. 
Balls, H. Finch--TS: b.1896 KVS: KY-d. 1918 KVS: 24 Mar 1918 OCK. (Listed Hettie F. in KVS, H. French on TS.); h/o *Lillie Boise Maddox (m. 14 Feb 1916); s/o Thomas F. & Eliza Henrietta (Curtis) Balls.
Balls, William Marion--TS: b. 27 Aug 1847 AR-d. 25 Jan 1926, BAC: OCK; s/o Robert Rellic & Martha (Bell) Balls; step-s/o Wm Murrell Hunter who 2m. Martha (Bell) Balls.
Balls, Martha “Mat” Elizabeth (Addington)--TS: b. 22 Jan 1850, KVS: OCK-d. 28 Apr 1919, KVS: OCK; w/o William Marion Balls (m. 08 Apr 1869); d/o Joshua B. & Sallie (Igleheart) Addington.    

Balls-Ashby, Bertie Belle--TS: b. 26 Mar 1874 KY-d. 29 Jul 1896 KY; d/o Wm Marion & Martha E. (Addington) Balls; w/o Oscar Shelton Ashby (m. 30 Jan 1894).  He was buried at Central Grove Cemetery near Centertown, OCK.
Balls, Arah D. (Withrow)--TS: b. 11 Oct 1887, KVS: OCK 30 Oct 1888-d. 11 Jun 1922, KVS: MCK;
w/o Marion B. Balls (m. 08 Jul 1906); d/o Joseph Henry & Madora “Dora” (Bullock) Withrow.

Balls, Sylvia Marie--TS: b. 1908, KVS: KY 10 Mar 1908-d. 1911, KVS: 19 Nov 1911 OCK; d/o Herbert “Hub” Davis & Effie M. (Williams) Balls.  

Balls, Edward--TS: b. 14 Dec 1906-d. 18 Dec 1906; s/o William Edmond & Belva (Everly) Balls (m. 04 Apr 1902); Belva was the d/o Reason Howard & Sallie M. (Simmons) Everly; Wm  E., s/o Wm Marion & Martha Elizabeth (Addington) Balls.

Balls, Sophie d 9 Jun 1910                                                                                                                                     
Barnard, Jr., William Logan--TS: b. 07 Mar 1801-d. 12 Apr 1890; s/o William L. & Sarah (Pigman) Barnard; 1m. *Francis Smith Berryman (m. 24 Dec 1830); 2m. *Octavia Berryman (sisters)
 (m. 18 Jan 1841).
Barnard, Paine--TS: b. 18 Nov 1864 KY-d.16 Dec 1864 KY; s/o Charles Thomas & Nancy Jane (Ross) Barnard; gs/o Wm L. & Frances Smith (Berryman) Barnard.                                                                             
Barnard, Sarah Pigman--TS: b. 03 Sep 1833-d. 15 Sep 1926; d/o Wm Logan & Frances Smith (Berryman) Barnard.  (Never married.)
Barnard, Thaddeus--TS b. 07 Jun 1837 KY-d. 01 Apr 1872 KY; s/o Wm Logan & Frances Smith (Berryman) Barnard; h/o *Sarah Ellen “Sallie” (Ross) (m. 02 Mar 1859) (Sallie 2m. Benjamin T. Drake 05 Nov 1876).
Barnard-Drake, Sarah “Sallie” Ellen (Ross)--TS: b. 1843, Family: 08 Jul 1843-d. 1933,

Family:  21 May 1933 MCK; 1m. Thaddeus T. Barnard: 2m. Benjamin Tolbert Drake (m. 05 Nov 1876) He is buried at 
New Hope Cemetery, MCK; d/o Thomas Morton & Annie Barbara (Rhoads) Ross.

Barnard, Solomon Lee--TS: b. 09 Apr 1864-d. 08 Jan 1866; s/o Thaddeus & Sallie Ellen (Ross) Barnard.
Barnard, Edgar K. --TS: b. 20 Sept 1867-d. 30 Jul 1893 KY; s/o Thaddeus & Sallie Ellen (Ross) Barnard.
Barnard, Infant--TS: b. 31 Mar 1898-d. 25 Apr 1898; child/o Thaddeus Ross & Ida Mae (Morton) Barnard; gs/o  Thaddeus & Sallie (Ross) Barnard.
Barnard, George Wesley--TS: b. 10 Aug 1832-d. 28 May 1909; s/o Lloyd & Nancy (Hocker) Barnard; gs/o William L. & Sarah Pigman Barnard.
Barnard, Mary Jane (Bennett)--TS: b. 02 May 1835-d.17 Mar 1915, KVS: 18 Mar 1915 OCK;
w/o George Wesley Barnard (m. 25 Sep 1854); d/o Joseph E. & Mary Ann (Igleheart) Bennett.      

Barnard, Jacob Henry “Jake”--TS: b. 17 Oct 1862-d. 02 Nov 1947, KVS: OCK; s/o George Wesley & Mary Jane (Bennett) Barnard.
Barnard, Martha “Mattie” Bell (Hunter) Drake--TS: b. 01 May 1881-d. 21 May 1955;
1m. James C. Drake (m. 19 Apr 1898) Buried Equality; 2m. Jacob Henry Barnard (m. 06 Jun 1919);
d/o James Robert & Gabriella “Gabe” (Hawkins) Hunter.
Barnard, Leona C. (Brown) Allen--(Buried by 1st husband.  Information under Allen.)

**Bidwell, Lafayette--b. ca 1821-d. Obit: 05 Oct 1905 KY; s/o ___.
**Bidwell, Lavina S. (Berryman) Planer--KVS: b. 27 Mar 1837 OCK-d. 03 Apr 1919 MCK; w/o Lafayette Bidwell (2m. 5/6 Feb 1859); 1m. Christian Planer (m. 01 Jan 1855); d/o Weeks & Lavina (Berryman) Berryman.
**Bidwell, William “Bud” Forest--KVS: b. 08 Nov 1861-d. 25 Apr 1936 MCK; s/o Lafayette & Lavina (Berryman) Bidwell.             

Bilbro, Samuel Walker--TS: b. 21 Jan 1850-d. 02 Feb 1922; s/o Abraham & Cynthia Ann (Drake) Bilbro.
Bilbro-Ballard, Lula (Talley) Withrow--TS: b. 1877, KVS: 10 Oct 1877-d. 1929, KVS: 24 Oct 1929, McLean Co., KY.  Buried by 2nd husband; 1m. *Joseph Henry Withrow (m. 27 Jun 1897); 2m. Samuel W. Bilbro (m. 24 1907-Caldwell Co,KY); 3m. *R. H. Ballard, McLean Co., KY; d/o John Bartley & Sarah Elizabeth (Hines) Talley, II.
>>Bishop, Erasmus--Book: b.1790 MD-d. 1849 OCK; s/o __; (Reported to be buried on his farm and across the fence from the Equality Methodist Church Cemetery.  A large cedar stump marked the head of the grave in 1970 when his grave was visited by family and also marked it with a stake at the head and foot;  (m. Nancy Ann Kerford- buried at the Rowe Cemetery, Centertown, OCK).
***Bishop, Thompson T. --b. 1822 -d. 1901; s/o Erasmus & Nancy Ann (Kerford) Bishop.
***Bishop, Dorcas Ann (Addington)--b. 10 Jan 1831-d. 1865; w/o Thompson T. Bishop (m.19 Feb 1852); d/o Joshua B. & Sally Ann (Cooper) Addington.
***Bishop, Martha A. --b. 1865-d. after Jun 1870; d/o Thompson T. & Dorcas Ann (Addington) Bishop.
***Bishop, 3 Infants--b. -d.; children/o Thompson T. & Dorcas Ann (Addington) Bishop.                               
**Bolton, Felix & Tabitha (Curtis)--Found on early list of Reid Cemetery in the Equality
 area.  See Reid Cemetery List for info.
**Boone, Onida--b. 04 Sep 1908-d.04 Sep 1916; d/o Jess & Gracie (Everly) Boone.         
Boone, Floucy Oteilla “Flossie”--b. KVS: 08 Feb 1912 MCK –d. TS: 13 Dec 1912;
d/o Jess & Gracie (Everly) Boone.   
Boone, Baby--b. (TS-writing eroded), Family records: b. 09 Aug 1908-d. 14 Aug 1908;
child/o Fred & Opal Alice (Johns) Boone.
Boone, Girtie--b. (TS-writing eroded), Family records: 03 Aug 1909-d. 26 Sep 1910;
d/o Fred & Opal Alice (Johns) Boone.
Boone, Ruby Pearl--b. (TS-writing eroded), KVS: 16 Feb 1913 OCK-d. KVS:
13 Jun 1913 OCK; d/o Fred & Opal Alice (Johns) Boone.
Boone, Richard T. --b.(TS-writing eroded) KVS:  09 Nov 1918 OCK-d. Family records:
20 Nov 1918, KVS: 19 Nov 1918 OCK; s/o Fred & Opal Alice (Johns) Boone.    

*** Brown, George W. --b. 1850 Census: 1824- -d. obit: HH 25 Jan 1882; s/o James & Jemima (Barnard) Brown. 
*** Brown, Matilda Cynthia (Addington)--b. 1850 Census: 1824- -d. obit: HH 12-31-1881;
w/o George W. Brown (m. 12 Jan 1843 KY); d/o W. Henry & Polly (Davis) Addington.
Brown, Bryant D. -- TS: b. 22 Dec 1847-d. 13 Aug 1894; s/o George W. & Matilda C. (Addington) Brown.
Brown, John Fletcher (Johny in KVS)--TS: b. 1851, KVS: 10 Nov 1852 KY-d. 21 Jun 1933,
KVS: 02 Jun 1933 OCK.
Brown, Mary Ellen (Withrow)--TS: b. 13 Oct 1861-d. 24 Jun 1943; w/o John Fletcher Brown (m. 18 Dec 1876); s/o George W. & Matilda Cynthia (Addington) Brown; d/o Isaac Vernon & Elizabeth Jane (Reid) Withrow.
***Brown, Martha E. --b. May 1862-d. 13 Mar 1881; d/o George W. & Matilda C. (Addington) Brown.
Brown, Letta Mae (Leda M.-KVS)--TS: b. 01 Feb 1927-d. 21 Jan 1933, KVS: OCK;
d/o Archie B. & Thelma Alberta (Neal) Brown.
Brown, James “Ben” Benjamin--TS: b. 08 Sep 1838 OCK-d. 27 Apr 1908; s/o Joshua & Elmira (Humphrey) Brown. 
*Brown, Altha Celia (Addington)--KVS: b. Apr 1842 KY-d. KVS: 13 Jul 1927 OCK;
w/o James Ben Brown (m. 16 Nov 1859); d/o William Blackman & Nancy (Coleman) Addington.
**Brown, Nash Brentwood--KVS: b. 22 Oct 1864-d. KVS: 22 Mar 1916 OCK; s/o James Ben & Altha C. (Addington) Brown.             

Brown, Nancy N. – TS: b. 02 Oct 1865-d. 10 Nov 1866; (On tombstone with Bessie & Girtie.); d/o_.
Brown, Bessie--TS: b.10 Sep 1871-d. 12 Oct 1873; (On stone with Girtie D. & Nancy.); d/o _.

Brown, Girtie D. --TS: b. 02 Apr 1873-d. 12 Dec 1875; (On tombstone with Bessie & Nancy; Listed as Eddie D. on an earlier Equality Cemetery list.); d/o _.
Brown, Oscar Pigman--TS: b. 16 Mar 1880, KVS: KY-d. 09 May 1946, KVS: OCK;
s/o James “Jim” Ben  & Altha C. (Addington) Brown.

Brown, Ethel (Brown)--TS: b. 01 Apr 1884, KVS: KY-d. 19 Jan 1914, KVS: 18 Jan 1915 OCK;
w/o Oscar Pigman Brown (m. 27 Jun 1907 KY); d/o Emory Worth & Martha “Mattie” E. (Everly) Brown.
Brown, Joseph Shelby “Joe”--TS: b. 15 Mar 1886, KVS: KY-d. 04 Dec 1955, KVS: Daviess Co., KY (Resident of OCK); s/o James “Jim” Ben & Altha Celia (Addington) Brown.         

Brown, Georgia E. (Ashby)--TS: b. 22 May 1891, KVS: KY-d. 26 Jul 1960, KVS: OCK;
w/o Joseph “Joe” Shelby Brown; d/o Lewis “Luke” M. & 2m. Nancy (Shown) Ashby.
Brown, P. W. (also known as Presley Warren,  P. Warren & Warren)--Other sources: b. ca 1855 OCK
-d. from wife’s obit: ca 1928; s/o George W. & Matilda Cynthia (Addington) Brown.
**Brown, Margaret Ann “Maggie” (Hocker)--KVS: b. 12 Jun 1862-d. KVS: 11 Sep 1939,
Obit: Christian Co., KY; w/o Presley Warren Brown (m. 08 Mar 1883 OCK); d/o Valentine “Tiny” & Adeline (Reid) Hocker.  

Brown, Harry D. --TS: b. 04 Jul 1883, obit: 08 Jul 1884 OCK-d. No date, KVS: 21 Nov 1962 OCK,
78 yrs old; s/o Presley Warren & Margaret “Maggie” Ann (Hocker) Brown; 2m. Emma (Tucker)
(m. 15 May 1917 Daviess Co., KY).  Emma, b. 16 Jun 1881-d. 24 Jan 1961, is buried at Buck Creek Cem., McLean Co., KY.  Emma & HD’s 1st wife, Arra, were sisters.

Brown, Arra Bell (Tucker) (KVS:  Ana B.)--TS: b. 12 Feb 1886, KVS: McLean Co., KY-d. 28 Oct 1916, KVS: 28 Oct 1915 OCK; 1w/o Harry D. Brown (m. 12 Aug 1905); d/o John W. & Lucinda C.“Lou” (Tiffutt-sp?) Tucker.
**Brown, Margaret R. (twin)--KVS: b. & d. 17 Aug 1915 OCK; d/o Harry D. & Arra B. (Tucker) Brown.
**Brown, Louise (twin)--KVS: b. & d. 17 Aug 1915 OCK; d/o Harry D. & Arra B. (Tucker) Brown.
Brown, Isabelle--TS: b. 08 Sep 1921-d. No date, KVS: 11 Dec 1982 OCK; d/o Harry D. & 2m. Emma (Tucker) Brown.

Brown, Leenus--TS: b. 12 Mar 1888, KVS: OCK-d. 14 Aug 1947, KVS: MCK; s/o Presley Warren & Margaret Ann (Hocker) Brown.
Brown, Stella B. (Withrow)--TS: b. 14 Jul 1890-d. 29 Dec 1975 (A 4 has been cut over the 9.); w/o Leenus Brown (m. 09 Nov 1906); d/o Alonzo L. & Altha D. “Ida” (Brown) Withrow.
**Brown, Infant--b. No date.-d.  from OC newspaper:  ca 02 Mar 1910; child/of Leenus & Stella (Withrow) Brown.                

Brown, Barney B. --TS: b. No date.-d. No date; (No info found, but based on the fact that he is buried near Leenus and Stella Brown, some think the infant is possibly the child listed above.
Brown, Nellie--TS: b. No date.-d. No date; (No info found, but based on the fact that she is buried in the area of other P. W. Brown family, some think that she is the 6 yr old daughter that was accidentally shot in 1900.  Name not included in obit.)               
Brown, Jennie (Bullock)--(Listed Julie on earlier list.), TS: b. Jun 1874-d. 01 Aug 19, Obit: 31 Jul 1904; w/o Claude Lee Brown (m.15 Jun 1893)  He s/o Geo W. Brown;   2m.Onie/Ona Yaden.  They are buried- Island Methodist Cemetery, Island, McLean Co., KY; d/o Dabney Cosby & Elizabeth (Crawford) Bullock.
Brown, William Logan--TS: b. 19 May 1835, -d. 07 Aug 1912, KVS: 06 Aug 1912 OCK;
s/o James (Faith Dr.) & Jemima (Barnard) Brown; Civil War Veteran (USA).

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