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LEONARD H. LEACH, son of Leonard and Mary (Cole) Leach, the former a native of Ohio County, born in 1802, and died of small-pox in 1842; the latter born in Ireland in 1805, and died in Kentucky in 1873. Of his father's family there are now living: John A. Leach, deputy sheriff, justice of the peace and assessor, a very prominent and influential man (the husband of Vitula Williams, by whom he has nine children); Rebecca J., wife of F. D. Sandefur (have three children); Mary A., wife of David Miller (have three children); and Margaret, wife of C. G. Crowder (have one child). Leonard H. Leach was born in Ohio County, on the 22nd of December, 1863 (sic); he married Martha Ann, youngest child of S. G. and Frances Sandefur, both of whom died of smallpox. She has five children: Lewis Herbert (a teacher, now a student at Hartford College), Susan J., James Henry, Charles Arthur, and Leonard Luther. Mr. Leach has been engaged in farming since childhood, and now owns a farm of sixty acres of good land; about three and one-half miles from Cromwell. He is a diligent reader, and has thus acquired a large amount of valuable knowledge, although his early advantages were limited. He and his family are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He cared for his invalid mother fifteen years. He is a strong temperance man, and a member of the Republican party.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  Leonard H. Leach was born 18 Nov 1837 and died 21 Aug 1924 in Ohio County and is buried in the Arnold Cemetery.

Feb. 27, 1920 Hartford Republican:  Mr. Leonard H. Leach, of Rob Roy, holds the remarkable record of having resided within the same building nearly 83 years, having been born within the four walls where his life has been spent.  In the 83 years Mr. Leach has never been absent from the home for more than ten days at a single time; this is also remarkable.  Many years ago, a Leonard Leach emigrated from Maryland to Kentucky, settling on territory where Louisville now stands; in whose home three sons were born, one of which was named Leonard.  Two of the Leach boys crossed the Ohio River into Indiana to make homes for themselves, while Leonard came to what is now Ohio County, settling near Mt. Zion Church, where he carved from the wilderness his future home.  Into the home of this member of the Leach family four sons were born, one of whom was likewise christened Leonard, who married and cleared from the forest and established his home, building his house from hewn yellow poplar of considerable dimensions, in which four sons were also born, and the youngest of these is the subject of this little article, who was given the first name of Leonard, born Nov. 18, 1837.  Into this home the ratio of sons was still maintained, four having entered therein, and the youngest of these is likewise known by the name Leonard, who himself has a son answering to the call of Leonard.

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