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CHARLES W. LAYTON, M. D., was born in McLean County, Ky., June 13, 1839, and is a son of William A. and Anna B. (Porter) Layton, both of whom were natives of Daviess County, Ky., and of English descent. William A. Layton was educated and married in that part of Daviess County, which afterward became McLean County, where he is still engaged in agricultural pursuits. He has held the office of magistrate in Daviess and McLean Counties for more than twenty years; he and wife are members of the United Baptist Church. Dr. Charles W. Layton received a good common school and academic education in youth, and was employed on his father's farm and at teaching until he was twenty-two years of age; in the meantime he had commenced the study of medicine and continued the same alone for several years. During the winter of 1861-62, he attended lectures at the medical department of the University of Louisville. He then returned to the home farm, where he remained, still pursuing his medical studies, until the close of the war. During the summer of 1866, he continued his studies under the preceptorship of Dr. G. W. Townes, of Greenville, Ky., and in the following winter took another course of lectures at the medical department of the Louisville University. In 1868, he commenced the practice of his profession at Paradise, Muhlenburgh Co., Ky., where he remained about one year; he then located at Rockport, Ohio County, where he has since practiced his profession with excellent success, having secured a large and lucrative practice. The Doctor is universally regarded by his professional brethren and others, as one of the leading physicians of the county; he graduated from the Cincinnati Medical College at Cincinnati, Ohio, with the class of 1872-73. The Doctor was married, August 25, 1870, to Josephine Robertson, of Paradise, Muhlenburgh Co., Ky.  One son, Charles R., has blessed their union. The Doctor and wife are members of the United Baptist Church. He is a member of the K. of H. In politics a Democrat.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  Dr. Layton died 31 March 1900 in Ohio County and he is buried at Rockport Cemetery.

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