Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Midway, Ohio County

Midway was located at the top of the hill on US 62 between Broadway curve and Highway 85.  From Beaver Dam, you can turn right on Midway Road which runs to Highway 69S.  As you go down the hill toward 85 on the right would have been a coal tipple.  All remnants of this little community are gone now.  Here is a photograph of the Midway School  from 1931-32:

The photographer, Emory G. Schroeter, worked in Ohio & adjoining counties. His cameras are now at Ohio County museum.  He said his pictures were so good because they were developed in river water.  He had a floating studio and would move it along Rough and Green Rivers to different locations for a few days, then on to the next stop.  Home base was the tie up in Hartford.

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