Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Photos of grave markers

This week a cousin of mine, Glenn Leach, sent me four photos of grave markers he took at the Leach-Hatler Cemetery, which is located on Highway 505 near Rosine, Ohio County (between Rosine and Horse Brach).  You will note that the markers shown in these photos are relatively new and the person responsible for obtaining these markers is Henry Dehart, a current resident of Rosine. All Leach and Dehart descendants greatly appreciate the effort that Henry Dehart made to obtain these beautiful markers. says that 87 people are buried in this cemetery.  I hope to visit the cemetery this spring and I will post additional photos then.

1.  William C. Leach:  My research shows that William C. Leach was born in Montgomery County, MD in 1791 and that he moved to Ohio County about 1799.  I don't know his middle name but I suspect it was Crown. William C. is identified in (a) census records; (b) the biography of his son, William Francis Leach; (c) military records; and (d) in a deed from his father's estate.

2.  Nancy A. Leach: This lady is thought to be the second wife of William C. Leach (above) and was born in Montgomery County, MD in 1792.  Her surname was also Leach and was probably a cousin of William C. but we are unsure about their actual legal relationship because we have not been able to determine the name of her father.

3.  Mary Ann (Crowe) Leach:  This lady is thought to be the third wife of William C. Leach.  There is some evidence that she was born in Indiana about 1816.  In some cases her surname is spelled Crow but we think the correct spelling is Crowe. There was a Crow/Crowe family that lived in the Rosine area in the 1840's and 1850's, so it is logical that after Nancy A. Leach died in 1848 the widower, William C. Leach, remarried a neighbor.  We found Mary's middle name from the death certificate of her sons, John Denham Leach and Warren Crown Leach.  She is shown was living with those two sons in the 1880 census (her husband, William C., died in 1863).  Note that the Sandefur Book identifies this lady as Mary Ann Thomas. The Sandefur Book is a wonderful research book found in the Ohio County Library on the Leach family written by Marion Pendleton Sandefur and Ruby Clarice Sandefur.  This book is undated but was probably written in the 1970's or early 1980's. I love this book but I think I have found some errors in the the data.

4.  Dillis Dyer Leach and wife Margaret Ann DeHart:  Dillis Dyer is the first child of William C. Leach and Mary Ann Crowe - he was born in Ohio County in 1851. Dillis was named after a famous lawyer from Ohio County.  Margaret Ann DeHart was born in 1854 in Horse Branch, Ohio County. They were the parents of eight children.

Thanks to Glenn Leach of Louisville for these photos.

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