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CHARLES L. FIELD, Esq., was born in Buford, Ohio Co., Ky., August 11, 1852. In the common schools, at home and in the college at Hartford, he received a fair English education. December 27, 1876, he was united in marriage to Miss Lara A. Eden, a native of Paducah, Ky., born August 28, 1854. She received a liberal education in the public schools and in the College of the Sisters of Charity of the same city. His grandfather was William Field, born in Daviess County, Ky., in 1790, an extensive land owner and high sheriff of the county of Daviess for several years, also one of the earliest settlers in Ohio County. He lived to see all his children, to the number of ten, buried. He died in 1876. The father of our subject, Col. Benjamin Field, was the eldest of the family, and was born in Buford Precinct, Ohio County, in 1829, and died November 8, 1873. His mother was Josephine Austin, born near Hartford, Ky., in 1832. There were six children, of whom our subject is the eldest; the others are Henry, born August 14, 1854, married Carrie Rowe (they reside at Hartford, Ky.); Laura A. born August 31, 1856, married J. E. Magan, 1875; Edwin D., born November 17, 1858, educated at the South Carrollton Institute, unmarried; Benjamin L., born in 1862, a merchant and tobacconist, at Buford; James J., born in 1866. Our subject is a justice of the peace and his home is a large and commodious brick — one of the finest in the county— the home of his ancestors. The farm consists of 132 acres of improved land. His mother is now the wife of the Rev. James S. Coleman, a well known clergyman of the Baptist Church.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  Mr. Field died in 1929 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Hartford.

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