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Street Fair - 1903

Ohio County Street Fair
 To Be Held at Hartford
May 15 and 16, 1903

    List of Premiums to Which New Ones
    Are Constantly Being Added

          Here are the rules and regulations governing the fair:


I.    Messrs. Ben Newton, W. P. Render, Sr. and H. B. Taylor, Sr. are invited to attend and act as the Executive Board, and they shall decide all questions that may arise, their decision being final.

II.   The Secretary shall keep a record of all entries, record all votes and guesses and issue his warrant for all premiums.  He shall also assist the Executive Board in counting votes and guesses.

III.  All premiums to remain in the possession of those who gave them until 4 o’clock p.m. of the last day, then to be delivered on the last day.   Then to be delivered on the warrant of the Secretary. 

IV.  Everyone except citizens of Hartford to have full privileges and prerogatives in showing products, voting , guessing and receiving premiums.

V.   No one but a farmer shall act as a member of the executive Board or act as judge of any product or article.

VI.   The Executive Board shall select judges to pass upon the merits of all stock, fowls, products and performances exhibited for premiums.

VII.   No person, stock or product shall be entitled to any premium, that was awarded a premium at the late opening of T. J. Turley & Co. in Hartford, Ky.

VIII.  All entries to be made with the Secretary by 12 o’clock p.m. on Friday, May 15, 1903.

IX.    All entries exhibited to be returned to owners and no executions will be made for articles on account of taking a premium.


   We, the undersigned, agree to give the articles and amounts opposite our names for the purposes indicated by us, same being given in support of a Street Fair entertainment, to be held in Hartford, Ky. on May 15 and 16, 1903, with the understanding that no citizen of Hartford shall participate, either directly or indirectly, in voting, guessing, showing products or receiving premiums.

   As the time draws near for the Street Fair, interest in its success increases and from indications there will be nothing to ask for but room to stand. 

   The Executive Board met last Monday and completed the programme in every detail, and they are putting forth every effort in connection with the business men to make the enterprise a success.  More prizes are likely to be offered, chief among which will be a capital prize by the Hartford Bar, and also a nice premium by the “Court House Ring,” or county officials.

   There are handsome and valuable prizes offered for almost everything the farmers have and as it costs nothing to come or enter products, there is likely to be a very large number of entries in every ring.

Source:  The Hartford Republican
               May 8, 1903, Page 3

     Hartford’s Street Fair
       Large Crowds in Attendance Both
      Days – Premiums Awarded

   As was anticipated the Street Fair here Friday and Saturday was a complete success in every detail.  The crowd Saturday was estimated at 5,000, while less than half that number was here Friday.  The visitors seem to have been entertained in a way eminently satisfactory.

   Below we give a list of premiums awarded and the donors:

Ring No. 1, by Carson & Co. – Best mare and young colt, one sewing machine, $25.  Won by E. E. Brown, Rockport.

Ring No. 2, by John B. Foster, best suckling calf, one barrel best flour, $5.  Won by J. B. Sanderfur, Horton.

Ring No. 3, by Thos. Bros, best cow and calf, one cooking stove, $5.  Won by H. B. Taylor, Sr., Beaver Dam.

Ring No. 4, by Taylor and Lewis, Best gelding, one set of buggy harness.  Won by B. F. Tichenor, Centertown.

Ring No. 5, by Carson Bros, best young colt, one shotgun, $6.  Won by J. W. Rowe, Centertown.

Ring No. 6, Riley’s Meat Shop, Best ewe and lamb, one clock, $5.  Won by John Chinn, Beaver Dam.

Ring No. 7, Commercial Hotel, Largest turkey, five dollars in gold.
Won by Mrs. F. M. Porter, Hartford.

Ring No. 8, by L. F. Woerner, Best hen and chickens, one pair of ladies fine shoes, $3.50.  Won by Mrs. S. J. Hawkins, Hartford.

Ring No. 9, by J. C. Rhoads, Best half-dozen frying chickens, one set of dining chairs, $6.  Won by Albert Rial, Hartford.

Ring No. 10, by Bank of Hartford – Best pair of mules, any age, owned by one man, fifteen dollars in gold.  Won by W. W. Park, Clear Run.

Ring No. 11, by Bank of Hartford—Best horse or mare, any age, ten dollars in gold.  Won by S. D. Myers, Render.

Ring No. 12, by L. T. Barnard—Best mare and suckling mule, saddle, blanket and bridle, $10. Won by Leslie Coombs, Palo.

Ring No. 13, by E. L. Bullington—Best pig 5 months old and under, five dollars in gold.  Won by J. E. Maddox, Rockport.

Ring No. 14, by Cleve Iler—Best boy rider, 10 years and under, boy’s saddle, blanket and bridle, $5.  Won by Ben Kimmel, Ceralvo.

Ring No. 15, by Henry Nall—Best old-time fiddler, saddle, bridle, and spurs, $15.  Won by Jno W. Ashley, Taffy.

Ring No. 16, by A. D. White—Winner in foot race, one bicycle $20.  Won by Wilbur Johnson, Sulphur Springs.

Ring No. 17, by Ohio County Bank—Best double-team in harness, regardless of sex or ownership, ten dollars in gold.  Won by Zeke E. Reid, Smallhouse.

Ring No. 18, by First National Bank—Best yoke of oxen, twenty-five dollars in Gold.  Won by Clarence Patton, Adaburg.

Ring No. 19, by R. L. Tweeden—Best fifty ears of corn, one shovel plow, $5.  Won by Jno Foster, No Creek.

Ring No. 20, by W. M. Hudson—Best mule, ten dollars in gold.  Won by Fox Brown, Wysox.

Ring No. 21, by Yelser and Morrison—Best half-bushel of wheat, one shovel plow, $5.  Won by Jno. Chinn, Beaver Dam.

Ring No. 22, by R. H. Gillespie—Best half-bushel of oats, one set of double-tree and singletrees, $2.50.  Won by Hardin Baird, Hartford.

Ring No. 23, by Lee Chinn—Best 2-year old colt, one set of harness, $15.  Won by L. E. Ward, Hartford.

Ring No. 24, by Wood Tinsley—Best bale of hay, three dollars in gold.  Won by Nat Lindley, Mantanzas.

Ring No. 25, by B. B. Collins—Best string band, ten dollars in gold.
Won by Dundee String Band.

Ring No. 26, by City Restaurant—Winner in sack race, $7.50 to first and 2.50 to second, total $10.  Won by J. M. Hamilton 1st , and G. M. Hoover, 2nd, Hartford.

Ring No. 27, by Fair & Co. –To choir that makes the best music, limited to five selections each, $30 yards all-wool ingrain carpet, $15.  Won by West Point Choir.

By J. H. Williams—Nearest correct guess to number of pills in a pound bottle, one watch, $15.  Won by Wavy Liles, Taylor Mines.  No. of guess, 2,337; No. in jar, 3,339.

By Sam Bach—Best looking man, one suit of clothes, $15.  Won by John Brown, Hartford.

By G. J. Bean—For the finest looking lady over 28 years old and under 45, who has never been married, five silver dollars. No entries.

By R. T. Iler—Best looking widow, one side saddle, blanket and bridle, ten dollars.  Won by Mrs. Addie Broomfield, Jingo.

By J. W. Ford—Prettiest baby 2 years old and under, ten dollars in gold.  Won by Edna Pearl Shown, 1st premium, daughter of Hosea Shown.  Eva M. Moseley and daughter of Robt. Moseley.

By the Economy Dry Goods Store—To the most popular young man, one trunk, 7.50.  The most popular young lady, one ladies’ hat, $7.50. Total $15.  Won by H. M. McCormic, No Creek.  Lady, Miss Lena Miller, Magan.

By T. J. Turley & Co. –Best cake baked by a farmer’s wife or daughter, one silver tea set, $25.  Won by L. P. Turner, Maxwell.

By J. G. Shacklett & Son—To the oldest man, one walking cane, $2.50.  Won by T. L. Allen, Hartford.

By W. S. Tinsley—To the father and mother of the largest family (all to be present), 1 hatchet, 1 brass rule, 1 drawing knife, 1 cold chisel, 1 try square, 1 No. 102 block plane, 1 whetstone, 1 mincing knife, 1 pair 7-1/2-inch shears, 1 dozen table spoons, 1 Delft sauce pan, 1 Delft tea kettle, total $6.  Won by and equally divided between Jos. Thompson, Heflin and J. L. Hicks, Beda.

By C. J. Rhoads—Nearest guess to number of grains of corn in a quart jar, one iron bedstead, $10.  Won by Claude  Moxley, No Creek.  No. of guess, 2020.

By E. Crabtree—Nearest guess to number of seed in a pumpkin, 25 pounds of coffee; to the next nearest, 15 pounds of coffee; to the next nearest, 10 pounds of coffee, total $10.Won by Melvina Williams, 1st; S. P. Rowan 2nd and Lizzie Travis, 3rd.

By Z. Wayne Griffin & Bro.—Nearest guess to quart of mixed grain, a set of dishes, $25.  Won by S. H. Ellis.  No. guessed; number in jar, 5,228.

By Wm. Schlemmer—Nearest guess to number of loaves of bread sold on both days of the fair, one cake, $5.  Won by Clayton Bozarth,  Hartford.  Guessed 409; number sold 410.

To the one that would throw a greased hog over the court house fence, premium offered by R. T. Collins.  Won by L. L. Newcomb, Beda.

By Bean Bros—3 worth of tiling to the largest and smallest man.  Won by C. A. Hudson, Buford, and W. N. Stevens, Hartford.

As a closing event of the Street Fair festivities, a special purse was made up for the best lady dancer.  The prize was $15 in gold--$10 to the best and $5 to the next best dances.  The dancing occurred on the concrete pavement in front of the post office.  Only two ladies danced and they were Misses Bertie Feemster, living Hartford, and Rosa Wilson, living Rosine.  The judges awarded the $10 to Miss Feemster and the $5 to Miss Wilson.

The music for the Street Fair was furnished by the Morgantown Brass Band and was first class.  The lawyers, county officers, doctors and other business men of the town contributed the money ($65) that brought the band.

Source:  The Hartford Republican
               May 22, 1903

Thanks to Janice Brown for furnishing this article.

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