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Ohio County Politics

Ohio County Politics and
Newspaper Announcements

In the nineteenth century, Ohio County citizens were fiercely loyal to their political and community life, as reported in the weekly local county newspapers – The Hartford Republican and The Hartford Herald.

Strong loyalties and rivalries occasionally erupted into bitter strife among its citizens, turning election time into high-spirited, political county-wide feuds, with outbreaks of ill-feeling between town and county voters.  Rival newspapers often put in jokes and poems about the opposing Republican or Democratic party.

In past times, there were periods when county government offices, such as justices of the peace and court officials, made up a self-perpetuating county court; later came the more democratic period when the buying of votes replaced the buying of offices.  Those days may be past, but the tradition of Ohio county loyalties and rivalries remains as strong today as it always has in Kentucky.

Hartford, Ohio County, was settled by 1790 and named Fort Hartford. It was made the seat when Ohio County was formed in 1798. Hartford was incorporated in 1808 and the Hartford Court House post office opened in 1801. The first Ohio County Courthouse was built of logs in 1800. The present 2015 structure, the fourth, was built in 1940.

 Ohio County 1910 courthouse - home to the local court of law.
                               According to Chad Schapmire, the picture was taken in 1910.                                                                                           Shared by Judith Wilson.

Typical newspaper announcements:

M. L. Heavrin Asked to Announce
For State Senator

In view of the long and faithful service and the eminent qualifications and fitness of the Hon. M. L. Heavrin for State Senator, we the undersigned voters of the Fordsville voting precinct, respectfully petition and urge him to allow his name to be presented in the Republican Convention for the nomination of said office and pledge him our hearty support.

We believe the nomination is due him and urge him to grant this, our request.
E. R. James           J. W. Cheek
H. D. Loyd           S. G. Autry
A. T. Gard             Rusaw Bard
M. C. Basham       Alex Wells
J. T. White             Huston Dewitt
W. C. Petty            Nuton Anderson
J. L. Roberts          James E. Hedden
Jas. Morton            W. T. Whittinghill
W. D. Turman        S. G. Dalton
T. C. Aubrey          L. R. Duvall
John Allen              Geo. H. Hedden
Lafe Byers              Ernest Basham
W. C. Petty             F. H. Hedden
           R. J. Williams        S. P. Roby  
           Jno M. Key            John W. Huff
           W. S. Gaines          Buck Owen
           Mitt Withum          Jesse Newton
Joe Hillard              A. J. Harris
Lafe House            G. H. Roberts
Manul Brooks        Jas. A. Boling
J. R. Murphy          O. T. Cobb
J. W. Smith             S. T. Kissinger
Jas. W. Martin        C. C. Brown
A. Shapero              J. W. Burden
Charley Shown       P. B. Martin
Elvis Hines              J. H. Murphy
G. H. Smith             J. H. Lloyd
Ike C. Adair            Andrew Henderson
Warren Craig          Joseph Eskridge
Dock Oiler               Frank Robertson
Frank Hines             C. C. Baird
R. R. Bransford        M. S. Wise
S. O. Keown            George Holts
James Turpen           J. J. Roberts
Tom Dean                Sherman Rusher
E. Hedden                Joe Hedden
Sherd Basham          George Cheak
Geo. W. Roberts       Edwin Forbes
J. W. Hale                 J. A. Wells

Similar petetions were announced for Hon. M. L. Heavrin on behalf of the voters of Rosine, Ceralvo, Rockport and Aetnaville, with names of each petitioner of the voting Precinct...(much too long to print here).

  Source:  The Hartford Republican,
                May 15, 1903, Image 1

A Call and Endorsement for
Sam A. Anderson

          We, the undersigned Republicans of Ohio County, hereby solicit Circuit Court Clerk, S. A. Anderson to make the race for re-election, and we pledge him our hearty support.  We feel that he should have the nomination from the Republican party without opposition, considering the long contest he had with the Democrats after he was elected to office in 1897.

John Duncan             E. M. Kimmel
W. T. Bishop              J. M. Bishop
W. C. Batton              J. E. Bishop
R. W. Smith               H. T. Maddox
Lige Davis      E. T. Allen
J. T. Carter                E. T. Southard

Robt Webb                A. Webb
E. G. Stewart             Gideon Heflin
L. B. Shaver               W.B. Heflin
W. M. Heflin              Felix Shaver
Sam Shaver

Joel H. Roach             E. H. Morgan
C. B. Baughn              G. A. Ralph
H. A. Babbitt              J. L. Roach
J. C. Roach

Lon Thomas              W. C. Leach
G. W. Stewart                        C. V. Christian
Oscar Autry               J. T. Haynes
S. Foster                     J. R. Johnson
Levi Allen                   Jacob S. Ford
Job Arnold                 Norman Camp
W. M. Miller              Emmett Wallace
Robert A. Miller                    Alex Foster
E. D. Ford                  Elbert Ford
T. H. Awtry               W. W. Gatton
L. W. Camp               J. B. Allen
Ed Tabor                   W. H. Burden
Jas. Perguson             Joe Miller
A. C. James                R. L. Boyd
W. P. Miller               G. W. Bond
W. F. Maiden             James M. Miller
W. T. Jamison                       J. A. Arnold
H. Mercer                   J. W. Ford
C. W. Royal               W. M. Combs
Wm. W. Crowder     M. B. Crowder         

W. H. Davis                J. S. Lee
E. Bowers                   W. M. Murphy
O. P. Willis                 J. T. Tucker
                                         Peyton Sullenger           Len Able
                                         Henry Lawrence           Pal Coots
I. P. Wimsatt              J. B. Wedding
Mark Renfrow          Thomas Whittinghill
W. P. Coots                W. V. Midniff
J. T. Cox                    G. W. Russell
A. B. Wedding                       C. L. Armendt
H. C. Crawford         Joe H. Roach
Wesley Hines              M. F. Jones
Thos. F. Johnson                   A. R. Renfrow
J. W. Thomas                        W. H. Renfrow
Claude Renfrow                    Sam Smallwood
R. H. Crawford                     T. F. Crawford
R. F. Bean                  James Wimsatt

G. H. Smith                S. P. Roby
E. W. Johnson                       G. V. Anderson
T. H. Hedden             G. H. Hedden
S. L. Basham             J. T. White
W. C. Hedden                        Jas. E. Hedden
D. F. Hedden             J. W. Cheek
W. C. Beatty              W. T. Whittinghill
A. P. Loyd                  L. R. Dowell
Ernest Basham                      W. D. White
W. T. Wells                S. F. Aubrey
T. C. Aubrey             D. W. Taul
H. C. Petty

A. B. Stanley              C. H. Stanley
S. H. Haws                 T. S. Williams
E. A. Williams                        W. L. Williams
H. S. Haskins             Hiram Taylor
G. W. Benson

                                        Jno. M. Graham           W. J. Graham
A. F. Grahaffi               H. L. Carter
       W. H. Carter                James Carter   
L. W. Camp               J. B. Allen
C. C. Carter          S. W. Carter
Thos. M. Shultz          Thos. B. Shultz
       W. H. Petty          Jas. R. Whitescarver
Geo. Cummings          Andy Cummings
                                        J. T. Moorman             Ed Wright
J. B. Bewley          Jno. P. Johnson
J. P. Berkley          Walter V. Minkift
J. W. Condor               L. N. Askins
C. T. Gulley              W. E. Coppage
A.J. Thompson          A. J. Coppage
J. P. Petty              T. V. Bratcher
W. O. Cole          J. F. Coppage
J. W. Powers          E. R. Powers
                                             Caleb Wright            R. C. Duff
J. B. Foreman          Charles Carter
                                          H. F. Foreman          S. Brown
Owal Sulnar          F. T. Hardison
H. T. Boling          W. S. Sanders
W. F. Crawford          Matthew Duncan
Johnnie Baker          J. H. Maxwell
J. M. Coppage          G. H. Aubrey
                                          J. B. Rummage          W. P. Allen
Moses Coppage

Source:  The Hartford Republican,
                January 16, 1903, Image 3

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


For State Senator

  We are authorized to announce Hon. A. S. BENNETT as a candidate for State Senator from the Seventh Senatorial District , subject to the action of the Republican party.

   We are authorized to announce S. L. STEVENS as a candidate for State Senator from the Seventh Senatorial District, subject to the action of the Republican party.

   We are authorized to announce D. BAKER RHOADS as a candidate for State Senator from the Seventh Senatorial District, subject to the action of the Republican party.

Source:  The Hartford Republican,
                May 15, 1903, Image 1

Older Ohio County Courthouse - Seat of Justice

Old Ohio County City Hall – Scene of Municipal Government

Many thanks to Janice Brown for submitting this article.

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