Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Floating Studio

This photo is a postcard that advertises the photography "Floating Studio" owned and operated by H. O. Schroeter, which operated on the Green River and Rough River from 1890 till 1920.

In “Green River of Kentucky” Helen Bartter Crocker wrote, “one of the most colorful characters on the river was a successful photographer named H. O. Schroeter.  He was called the Artist of the Emerald Wave.  He and his family lived on his floating studio which had a parlor, sitting room, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen and artist’s studio.”  Schroeter claimed the reason his prints did not fade was that he washed them in the mineral-rich Green River.  He placed them in a fish box alongside the studio.  He and his sons, Emory and Clifford, did most of the photography on the boat but occasionally went ashore to a customer’s home.

Below is another photo of the Schroeter floating studio. It appears that a second story had been added to the boat.  Henry O'Neil Schroeter was born to Swiss immigrants in Evansville, IN and settled in Hartford.


  1. Are there any records of people having photos taken there? I have a Schroeter & Borst Floating Studio No. 2 photo but do not know the peoples names in it.

  2. My photo is stamped by the floating studio name and Green River, Ky.