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Deeds prior to 1798


Abstract of Deeds – Nelson County, KY – 1785 to 1808

Compiled by Nelson County Historical Society

Note:  Nelson County was formed in 1784; Hardin County formed in 1792 from part of Nelson County; and Ohio County formed from part of Hardin County in 1798. So deeds recorded prior to 1798 can be found in Nelson County and Hardin County.

A few deeds of interest that are recorded in Nelson County:

P. 76 (Book Two) - 23 Oct. 1788 - Joseph Barnett, wife Abigail to Thomas Meason, 15 pounds, 300 acres on Rough Creek waters of Green River adjacent Peter Tardiveas and Bartholomew Tardiveas .

P. 81 (Book Two)  - 9 Dec. 1788 - George Scot, County of Culpepper, to Andrew Hynes, 50 pounds, 500 acres waters of Beaver Dam fork of Big Clifty, waters of Green River.

P. 82 (Book Two) - 9 Dec. 1788 - John Ninian Webb to Andrew Hynes. 100 pounds, 1,000 acres on Beaver Dam fork of Big Clifty.

P. 113 (Book 4) - 23 Mar. 1791 - Joseph Barnett to John Howell. 1,868 pounds, 7,472 acres near the mouth of Noe Creek, branch of Rough, Creek, adjacent Josepb Lewis and George May.

P. 222 (Book 4) - 27 July 1791 - Gabriel Maddison to John Atherton, Jr., Hartford town lot #63, as actual settler, also 3 acres outlot #54, adjacent John Slover, Aaron Atherton and Dudley Mills.

P. 223 (Book 4) - 27 July 1791 - Gabriel Maddison to John Atherton, Sr., 3 pounds, two half acre lots, #56 & 57 in Hartford as actual settler and two 3 acre outlots #47 & 48, adjacent Joseph Baird and John Powars.

P. 225 (Book 4) - 20 July 1791 - Gabriel Maddison to Peter Springston, lot #107 in Hartford, conveyed to Springston by Andrew Rowan, an actual settler, also outlot #22, bounded by Michael Riley, assignee of William Rown and James Tinsley, assignee of Samuel McGrady.

I have not done a through examination of Nelson County Deeds or Hardin County Deeds. The above is just a sample and the above might not (all) be located within the current borders of Ohio County.

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