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On the C. O. & S. W. Railway, five miles southeast of Hartford, the county seat of Ohio County; and 110 miles from Louisville.  Daily stage to Hartford, Adams Express. Population, 600.  Emma Barnes, postmaster.

Business Directory

Austin, A. J., carpenter
Austin, F. O. & Co., general store
Austin, R. H., blacksmith
Baldwin, D. L., carpenter
Barnes, John L., cashier, Beaver Dam Deposit Bank
Beard, John, barber
Beaver Dam Deposit Bank (capital $25,000), B. Dampy, Pres.
Blankenship, W. H., grocer
Coats, Mrs. G. A., dressmaker
Gray, B. F., livestock
Hocker & Co., general store
Hudson, J. M., carpenter
Hunt, Stewart & Leach, general store
Maddox & Leach, livery
Merrick, H., railroad and express agent
Metcalfe, H. S., hotel
Mitchell, George F., physician
Mitchell, I. F., physician
Mitchell, S. L., druggist
Rhoades, D. J., insurance
Taylor, C. M., saw and flour mill
Taylor, R. T., druggist
Taylor & Austin, livery
Taylor & Co., meat market
Wilford, E. D. & Co., grocers
Williams, J. D., blacksmith

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