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Home Coming

The following 1906 newspaper article is a gold mine of information for genealogy researchers. There are about 250 names mentioned in the article (too many to add to my Index of Names).  I suspect that some of the names are misspelled, but I used what was in the newspaper article.  Also, the names are not in alphabetical order, but this is the way they were found in the article.

Hartford Herald
May 30, 1906

Week for Louisville and Ohio
County - A Great Time

The plans for Home Coming week in Louisville June 13 - 17 are practically complete and any one familiar with them will agree that they point to the largest gathering in the history of the South. The very lowest estimate based upon acceptance cards and letters on file at the headquarters of the Louisville Commercial Club point to an attendance of over 55,000 ex-Kentuckians. Only a small portion of this number indicated on their acceptance card the county of their birth.

Below will be found a partial list of former residents of this county who have accepted the Home Coming invitation. This list by no means represents the full attendance of those who went from this county. Practically everyone accepting the invitation has stated that he or she will be accompanied by from two to five others.

The Home Coming Association at Louisville informs us that Ohio county will, according to its estimate, be represented by 480 former citizens of this county during the big June week event.

As the railroad have made a rate of one fare for the round trip from Louisville to all points in Kentucky, tickets going on sale June 16, it is expected that all former citizens of our county who visit Louisville will come to their old home as soon as they have partaken fully of Louisville’s hospitality.

For the Ohio County Home Coming the Street Fair, June 22 – 23, is aimed to be a special attraction.

The following is the list referred to above:

Rev. W. B. Barnett, Philo, O. (Note: Probably Ohio); F. V. Barnett, Eureka, Cal.; E. L. Myers, Spiro, I. T. (Note: I. T. is short for Indian Territory, which existed until November, 1907, when Oklahoma was admitted as a state); J. E. Wallace, Black Rock, Ark.; Mr. W. A. Whayne, Pueblo, Colo.; Dr. J. R. Williams and  wife, Shawneetown, Ill.; J. Nolan O’Flaterty, Kankakee, Ill.; Lodford Truman, Canon City, Colo.; A. B. O’Flaterty, Kankakee, Ill.; Salty Nelson, Morehouse, Mo.; R. B. Stevens, El Paso, Tex.; J. H. Weller and wife, Lamar, Colo.; W. C. Barnett, Valley Mills, Tex.; E. D. Bender, Fort Worth, Tex.; Ben L. Field, Portland, Ore.; J. R. Collins,  Memphis, Tenn.; C. E. Loyd, Pittsburg, Pa.; C. P. Westerfield and wife, Tyrone, Ok.; L. A. French, Okaona, Miss.; Ettie W. Van Horn, Sugar Hill, Pa.; Amanda M. Hicks, Berkley, Cal.; J. C. Ferguson, White Water, Kan.; Mrs. Mary M. Sewell, Bolton, Kan.; W. M. Downs, Paden, I. T.; M. F. Wedding, Rome, Ind.; J. L. Ross and J. A. Bozarth, Owensvllle, Ind.; R. J. Barnett, Union City, Tenn.; George B. Thomson, Crowley, La,; N. L. Phillips, Hattisburg, Miss.; S. Patterson, Franks, Mo.; W. E. Townsend and wife,  Cobden, Ill.; J. W. Lawton, Bicknell, Ind.; John W. Corbett, Mountainair, N. Mex.; F. J. Davenport, Waxahachie, Tex.; Joseph Brooks, Hancock, Ark.; C. L. Hardwlck, Memphis, Tenn.; Miss Pearl Hurt, Taylorsville, Ill.; Mrs. E. C. Jackson, Lake Arthur, N. Mex.; N. G. Wise, Waxahachie, Tex.; B. H. Duke, Kansas City, Mo.; Thos. H. Brown. Granite. Ok.; John Hunter, Llnton, Ind.; Wm. Foster, Princeton, N. J.; W. B. Morgan, Trinidad, Colo.; W. O. King; Chicago; Ill.; R. T. Whittinghill, Tupelo, Miss.; Mrs. W. B. Fowlkes,  Hansboro, Miss.; N. C. Jackson, Lake Arthur, N. Mex.; S. P. Render and wife, Norman,  Ok.; C. R. Martin, Haskell, I. T.; C. C  Barnett, Clarksville, Ark.; Rev. L. B. Barnett and wife, and John L. Barnett and wife, Foreman, Ark.; C. C.  Wedding, Indianapolis, Ind.; Guy Williams, Philadelphia, Penn.; W. H. Williams, Joplin, Mo.; John May, Port Arthur, Texas; Mrs. W. D. Landers, Harrisburg, Ark.; Chas. E. Curran, New York City, N. Y.; W. W. Wedding, Armour, S. D.; Clint G. Ford, New York City, N. Y.; G. G. Wedding, Indianapolis, Ind.; Mrs. J. C. Swindlehurst, Livingston, Mont.; E. D. Guffy and family, and Dr. A. B. Baird and wife, Oklahoma City, Ok.; J. C.  Woodward, W. T. Woodward, Paul Woodward and wife, and H. C. Sanderfur, San  Angelo, Tex.; B. L. Kelly, Morehouse, Mo.; Dr. J. R. Barnes, Jet, Ok.; Marvin Miller,  Kirbyville, Tex.; Nola Hendricks, Oolitic, Ind.; E. G. Burton, Staunton Ill.; Maggie McAdams, Nashville, Tenn.; Rev. E. D. Maddox, Monet, Mo.; W. M. Johnson, Middleton, Conn.; Robt. Anthis, Hazletown, Ind.; D. P. Moseley, Wellington, Kan.; John Howley, Colfax, Ill.; C. W. Patterson, Dallas, Tex.; Joe Tichenor, Ketchum, I. T.; W. H.  Iler and wife, Champaign Ill.; U. L. Paxton, Thatcher, Ariz.; L. A. Pate, Herrin, Ill.; H. A. Reynolds, Vine, Tenn.; J. H. Barnes, Boswell, Ind.; Clarence Bosket, Fort Cannon, N. C.; Alvin Burton, Houston, Tex.; J. M. Taylor, Halls, Tenn.; S. J. Bryant, Cairo, Ill.; J. P. Barnard, Jeffersonville, Ill.; Mrs. Lenora Laws, Jonesboro, Ill.; H. N. McCormick, Artesia, N. M.; D. P. Dean, Harrisburg, Ill.; R. M. Miller, Atlas, Ok.; Prof. J. B. Taylor,  Oklahoma City, Ok.; Carson Kendall, Evangeline, La.; R. C. Rains, Manila, P. I.; Leslie  Pattie, Lake, Ind.; A. V. Rowan, Wray, Colo.; W. T. Blain, Walnut, Kan.; Robt. Percell, Clifton City, Mo.; Prof. O. M. Shultz, Toledo, O.; L. T. Cannon, Newburg, Ind.; J. W.  Vincent, Forest City, Ark.; J. S. Brown, San Francisco, Cal.; J. W. Bishop, Austin, Tex.; O. M. Hoover, Lizton, Ind.; Mrs. R. E. Childs, Dexter, Mo.; R. Bell, Newport, Ark.; Mrs.  J. W. Camden, Spartansburg, S. C.; M. H. Collins, Memphis, Tenn.; John R. Riley,  Austin, Texas; W. J. Jenkins, Spalding, La.; M. D. Arbuckle, Gas, Kas.; W. P. Morrison and wife, Maplehurst, Wis.; J. E. Pendleton, Talala, I. T.; J. S. Maddox, Waco, Tex.; Geo. W. Hunter, Midland, Ind.; Mrs. C. M. Harrington, Denver, Colo.; Mrs. Bell Tabor, Webster, Fla.; N. Y. Geary, Ponder, Mo.; R. D. Daniel, Portland Me.; Clarence Hurt,  Sedgwlck, Ark.; J. M. Bryant, Howell, Ind.; Malinda Gray, Ingersoll, Ok.; A. A. Mlllard,  St. Louis, Mo.; A. W. Bennett, New Orleans, La.; Ziba Manzy, Port Arthur, Tex.; Mrs. Sarah A. Martin, Plainfield, N. J.; Mrs. E. Morrison, Baden, W. Va.; R. P. Nall, Hartsburg, Ill.; Frank Peyton and wife and V. W. Peyton, Denver, Colo.; G. L. Klein,  Quincy,  Ill.; G. W. Sallee, Rison, Ark.; Clarence Field, New Orleans, La.; Geo. Klein, Bicknell, Ind.; Mrs. Mary Turns, Equality, Ill.; Rev. Jo. B. Rogers and wife, Springfield,  Ill.; Luther Ward, Fairbury, Ill.; Ed P. Berryman, Omaha, Neb.; J. B. Hill, Edgewater, Colo.; R. B. Pattie, Rockport, Ind.; Rev. A. W. Dodson, Bellplane, Kan.; Etta Balmaln,  Linton, Ind.; Mrs. Nellie Miller, Bicknell, Ind.; Howard Ellis and wife, Golden, Colo.;  J. T. Oldham, Middleton, Ill.; C. M. Hocker, Bloomington, Ind.; T. S. Woodward, Princeton,  N. J.; Mrs. Jennie B. Bennett, Sikeston, Mo.; Austin Oldham, Elkhart, Ill.; Dr.  I. L. Bennett, Marsailles, Ill.; R. A. Patton, Macon, Ga.; J. I. Brown, Ennis, Tex.; Otho Leach, Headrick, Ok.; Dr. D. W. King, Nashville, Tenn.; E. R. Cobb, A. D. Buskill and wife, Shelby Taylor and wife, Mrs. Carrie WIlllams and O. G. Williams, Crowley, La.; Joe B. Leach, Plainview, Tex.; H. J. Coleman, Corinth, Tex.; B. N. Maddox, Palo Pinto,  Tex.; S. D. Tinsley, Wade, I. T.;  J. B. Barnett, Los Angeles, Cal.; Dr. H. L. King, Ray, Texas; H. D. Bennett and wife, Gatesvllle, Tex.; J. C. Stewart, Weir City, Kan.; W. B.  Fulkerson, Britton, Tex.; G. P. Brown, Jamesport, Mo.; T. J. Bozarth, West End, Ill.; R.  H. Jones, Mountain Park, Ok.; Mrs. Flora Raley, Salem, Ok.; Arthur Wallace, Proctor, Tex.; Mrs. C. M. Ferguson, Obion Station, Tenn.; I. H. Chapman, Springfield, Tenn.; H. R. Crawford, Columbus, Kan.; Mrs. J. W. Turley, Denison, Tex.; S. T. Landrum, Fort Lawton, Wash.; J. J. Carter, Richland Springs, Tex.; Dr. J. H. White and family,  Charleston, Mo.; W. G. Denton, Cincinnati, O.; Mrs. Tula Pendleton Cummings,  Lynchburg, Va.; Jo. A. Barnett and wife, Edgewater, Colo.; C. P. Nowlin, Sharon, Tenn.; John Thomason, Dexter, Mo.; John E. Miller, East St, Louis, Ill.; Ethel Westerfield, Lynn, Ark.; Henry Hardwick, Memphis, Tenn.; J. M. Logsdon, Morehouse, Mo.; Mattie D. Wilson, Agusta, Ark.; J. C. Barnard, Capiz, Panay, P. I.; P. H. Howley, Springfield, Ill.; J. R. Miller, Headrlck, Ok.; Coleman Wolf, Fort Wm. H. Seward, Alaska; Jo. Cargal,  Herrin, Ill.; Alfonzo Barnard, Quay, N. M.; A. P. Minton, Wallace, Kan.; Nathan Bennett, Tolona, Ill.; Dr. E. G. Rhoads, Sheffield, Ala.; M. G. Wilson, Maxwell, Tenn.; A. G.  Duke, St. Louis, Mo.; W. E. Angel, Mrs. Meda Wise, F. M. Payne, and O. F. Angel, Black Rock, Ark.; U. M. Everly, Herrin, Ill.; E. E. Thomason, Thebes, Ill.; Mrs. T. A. Fowler, Gulfport, Miss.; Mrs. Ada Barnard, Joplin, Mo.; J. B. Robertson, Lottie, La.;  Dr. N. J. Rains, Knobknoster, Mo.; A. B. Morton, La Cross, Ind.; J. F. Wilson, Hennessy,  Ok.; W. C. Boskit, East St. Louis, Ill.; W. H. Young, Corsicana, Tex.; G. C. Butler, Weir City, Kan.; Geo. B. Sullenger, Erin, Tenn.; W. A. Edwards, Luxora, Ark.; E. C. Jackson,  Lake Arthur, N. M.;  C. C. Shultz, Portland, Tenn.;  J. M. Ferguson, Conroy, Ok.; Mrs.  Rude Stallings, Moody, Tex.; D. D. Austin, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Searcy Taylor, Portia, Ark.; Herbert Patton, Philo, Ill.; P. H. Ross, Ishpensing, Mich.; S. R. Neighbors, Harper, Kan.; John Chapman, Glendora, Miss.; J. W. Henry, Gazelle, Cal.; Fred Robertson, Fort Brady, Mich.; E. M. Ross, Valpariaso, Ind.; A. L. Filix, South Memphis, Tenn.; C. E. Ingram, Springfield, Ill.; R. W. Overlin, Portland, Ore.; M. A. Hudson, Cooksvllle, O.; Clem Maple, Wray, Colo.; John Brown, Duncanvllle, Tex.; Dr. R. P. Nall, Armoral, Ark.;  Lucien Smith, Chandlerville, Ill.; H. Percy Hunt and H. C. Shreve, Cincinnati, O.; Prof. W. C. Gaynor, Washington, D.C.; P. B. Coppage, Humbolt, Tenn.; Arbin Petty, Hyman,  Mo.; Mrs. Birdie Nall Britton, Salinas, Cal.

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