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The following photo is titled “Ohio County Club” and is dated 1921.

The officers of the Club were: President, Otis Howard; Vice-President, H. B. Lloyd; and Secretary-Treasurer, Martha Carolyn Pate.

Members were: Marshall Barnes, F. P. Bell, Manning Bennett, Oscar Bennett, Webber Clark, James Coleman, Howard Glenn, Gilmore Keown, Hinton Leach, H. B. Lloyd, William Maddox, Martha C. Pate, O. E. Richardson, Powell Tichner, Glenn Tinsley, and John Allen Wilson.

Sorry, I cannot specifically identify the people in the photo.  If you can help identify any of the people in the photo, please let me know.

UPDATE:  5:20 p.m., 9/22/13.  The lady in the photo is probably Martha Carolyn Pate (there is only one lady mentioned as a member of the Club).

Janice Brown adds the following regarding Martha Carolyn Pate:

Birth:  20 Nov 1902, Hartford, Ohio County, KY
Death: 7 June 1979, Grand Prarie, Tarrant County, Texas
Daughter of Ada Cecil Pate and Etta Lena Carson of Ohio County, KY
Married: Earl Maxwell Heavrin on 1 June 1925

"For several years, I corresponded with Martha Pate Heavrin, the widow of Earl Maxwell Heavrin, grandson of Dr. Leonard Thomas Cox. Both were graduates of the University of Kentucky. Martha lived at Grand Prairie, TX and she had invited me for the weekend to compare our collection of Cox data, but a few weeks before our scheduled visit, Martha died unexpectedly.  It made me so sad because we had become good friends through our correspondence. I missed exchanging thoughts and ideas with her. Martha volunteered many hours at the library in Grand Prairie, Texas and she was a good genealogist.

Her husband, Earl Maxwell Heavrin, a government attorney, had worked on the Cox family history for several years and had collected a number of Cox legal documents and records.  He died in May 1971.  I’ve never forgotten what Martha wrote to me in an early letter, “Working on the family genealogy has filled many lonely hours for me since my husband’s death.”  Martha and I exchanged quite a few Cox records and history over time, and she filled out her own family charts for me prior to her death on June 7, 1979.

~~ Written by Janice Cox Brown, 2317 Dietz Lane, Tyler, Texas 75701, great-great granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson and Susannah Miranda (Leach) Cox, and great niece 

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