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I found the following in a book titled History of KY by William Elsey Connelley and E. M. Coulter, Vol 5, published 1922. 

"GEORGE L. EVERLY, M. D.   Twenty-five years of con­tinuous work in his profession as a physician and surgeon in Ohio County has brought Doctor Everly a position of prominence and secure esteem. In his chosen vocation he followed in the footsteps of his honored father, whose life was one of genuine service and high attainments in the field of medicine and surgery, and father and son have been factors in the medical history of Ohio County for considerably more than half a century.

George L. Everly was born in Ohio County November 10, 1862. His grandfather was a life long resident and farmer of McLean County, son of a pioneer settler from Virginia. Dr. J. M. Everly was born in McLean County in 1837, was reared and acquired his early education in that locality, and was a graduate of the Eclectic Medical College of Cincinnati. He was still a young man when he located in Ohio County, and he continued his work as a physician at Ceralvo practically until the close of his life. He died in August, 1911. He had the qualities of mind and character that made him an exemplary physician and surgeon, widely known over his section of the state for his success in practice, and was greatly beloved by the community which he served so many years. Always a busy man, he was, nevertheless, active in local affairs, was postmaster at Ceralvo a number of years, also owned and operated a drug store and grocery store there, was a democrat in politics, a very loyal member of the Methodist Epis­copal Church and was a Royal Arch Mason. Dr. J. M. Everly married Susan Mary Kimbley, who was born in Ohio County in 1842 and died at Ceralvo in 1920. Of her large family of children Dr. George Everly is the oldest and the only one to take up his father's profession. Lizzie, the second in age, died at Ceralvo, wife of J. W. Garrett, now a merchant at Nelson in Muhlenberg County; Charles B. is a merchant at Cer­alvo; Minnie L. is the wife of L. P. Fulkerson, a farmer at Ceralvo; Emma B., of Ceralvo, is the widow of Virgil Fulkerson, a merchant; Jesse was a boat carpenter and died at Evansville, Indiana, at the age of forty-five; Marvin is a coal miner at the Williams Mine in Ohio County; W. N. Everly is a miner living at Rockport; and Eddie G. is the wife of W. S. Hill, residents of Ceralvo, though Mr. Hill is a teacher of the schools of Rockport.

George L Everly spent his early life at Ceralvo, attended public school there and under the inspiration and guidance of his father determined at an early date to become a physician. In 1895 he graduated from his father's school, the Eclectic Medical College of Cincin­nati, and in the same year took up active practice at Ceralvo. He remained in that community until 1911, when he removed to Rockport, where he has a busy general medical and surgical practice. He is a member of the Ohio County Medical Society, and had the honor of being elected president of the State Eclectic Medical Society in 1917. He owns a modern home and offices in Rockport, also four dwelling houses there. He offered his services to the Medical Reserve Corps in 1918, but was never called for active duty, though he shared with other prominent leaders in the community the responsibil­ities of promoting the success of various war campaigns.

Doctor Everly is a democrat, is a past junior warden of Ceralvo Lodge No. 253, A. F. and A. M. member of Rockport Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and Rockport Tribe of the Improved Order of Red Men.

In 1896, in Ohio County, he married Miss Clemmie Park, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Park, both of whom are now deceased. Her father was a farmer in Ohio County. Mrs. Everly, who died at Rockport in October, 1911, was the mother of four children who survive: Hazel, born in 1898, was educated in the high school at Bowling Green, Kentucky, was a teacher for one year in Muhlenberg County, and is now a book­keeper for the Rockport Coal Company; Gladys, born in 1899, is the wife of Homer Boyd, of Rockport, a securities salesman of the Trustees System Service Corporation; Jesse Levy, born in 1901, and Addis, born in 1903, both students in the Rockport High School."

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