Tuesday, August 6, 2013

William Holloway

Hartford Herald - April 7, 1909

Who Lives in Ohio County
Brief Biography of the
Old Gentleman

Rosine, Kentucky, April 3, 1909. Mr. William Holloway, supposed to be the oldest man in Ohio County, lives at this place. He is now 101 years old. He was born in Blount County, Tennessee one day in February, 1808. Was married to Miss Jane Lee, a distant relative of Gen. Robert E. Lee, about the year 1831. Voted for Andrew Jackson for President of the United States in the year 1832. Has always voted the Democratic ticket from President down to school trustee and has been a member of the Baptist church for about sixty years. His wife died about the year 1889. Ever since the death of his wife he has lived with his son, J. M. Holloway, and daughter-in-law, Mrs. Jennie Holloway, and has always been well cared for. He has been a man of good reputation; was never known to be intoxicated. He moved from Blount County Tennessee to Butler County, Kentucky about the year 1868. From there he removed to Ohio County near Rosine in 1869 and has lived there ever since. He is able now to go around to see his near neighbors and attends prayer meeting and takes an active part in the service. He is very able in prayer, can quote scripture as good as a man 30 years old and can converse on any subject that you wish to talk upon, running 80 years back. He has had no sickness for 40 years, can read his Bible or newspaper, chop stove wood, make fires and feed the stock almost like a young man. If any one doubts this he can be seen at his home near Rosine, Kentucky and can tell you this is true himself.

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