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FEBRUARY 26, 1892


            First saw the light of day on March 30, 1844, near Hartford, son of J. B. and Francis Ann Benton Bennett.  His great-grandfather was one of the pioneer settlers of the county.  Perry was the third in age of a family of fourteen children and being the oldest boy had the greater part to bear in caring for the family.  His educational advantages were very limited.  He enlisted in company, G. 12th Ky., Calvary Aug. 23, 1862, and held the position of duty Sergeant.  He was mustered out Aug. 23, 1865.  During this period he was never in the hospital and was never absent from his regiment.  His superior officers often called upon him to carry out difficult undertakings and he was always equal to the emergency.

            He was married to Miss Sopha E. Ambrose, November 20, 1866.  To them were born four children: Annie Florence, wife of Willie Ward, a thrifty young farmer; Silas E., Hattie P., and Dillis Solomon.  Mrs. Bennett died December 25, 1876, and Mr. Bennett was married to Miss Sarah Shown, February 25, 1877.  They have seven children, three of whom - Sammie, Wilbur and Bramlette are dead and Minnie, Ella, Viola C., Estille H. and Vernie Francis living.

            He is a farmer and log man in both of which he has had success.  Mr. Bennett is a Methodist and a Democrat and 1890 was elected Justice of the Peace for the Hartford Magisterial District.  He is a careful and conscientious officer, an unassuming, worthy citizen.

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