Sunday, February 17, 2013


FEBRUARY 26, 1892


            On March 22, 1847, the hearts of Tobias W. and Artemesa Chapman Taylor were made glad by the birth of a boy, and they gave him the name which heads this sketch.  He comes of one of the oldest and best, and excepting perhaps the Stevens family the largest connection in the county.  His mother died in 1858 and his father in 1878.  Cal., as he was called and he is yet most familiarly known, grew to be an honest, upright, intelligent boy and laid the foundation for a noble manhood.  His education was such as the county schools could afford, but by hard study and experience he has given himself a fair business training.  He has always lived in the Southern part of the county near Rochester, where he owns a very fine farm.  He has dealt largely in stock and saw-logs.  He has made several business and pleasure trips over the Southern States, but says he has found no place like old “Kaintuck.”

            He is a Democrat in politics, and in 1888 was the “dark horse” in the Democratic County Convention and received the nomination for Sheriff, to which office he was elected after one of the hottest fights in the history of Ohio county politics.  He was re-elected in 1890.  Mr. Taylor is a man of Stalwart frame, with a cool head and a kind heart.  He is modest, unassuming, courteous and brave; speaking good of all and evil of none, a man with many friends and few enemies.

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