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Richard C. Taylor and wife, Susan Leach

Hartford Herald, December 1882. Richard C. Taylor. Died Nov 27 in Ohio County near Elm Lick.  Age 80-5-3.  Born in Frederick County, VA.  Came to this county as a boy with his father, William Taylor.  A Cumberland Presbyterian minister, licensed to preach in 1849.  Married on 8 April 1824 to Susannah Leach, she is now 78.  Four sons & six daughters born, six survive.  

Hartford Herald, Sept. 5, 1883.  Mrs. Susan Taylor, widow of the Rev. R. C. Taylor of Cromwell precinct died on the 29th of old age and infirmity.   She was a native of the county and had lived here all her life.  Her maiden name was Leach.  She was an excellent Christian lady, a kind mother, a good neighbor and was loved and honored by all who knew her.

Hartford Herald, Sept 12, 1883. Died near Elm Lick, Ohio County, Mrs. Susannah Taylor in the morning of the 29th of August.  She was born in Ohio County on the 22nd of Jan. 1803, and married Rev. Richard C. Taylor in 1824, with who she lived happily for 58 years, more than half a century.  Few couples are spared to each other for such a long period.  Her father and mother came to this state from Maryland.  Her name before marriage was Leach, daughter of Leonard Leach.  In her youth, long distances intervened between settlements, immense canebrakes and tangled meshes of undergrowth characterized the forest and landscapes. In her youth those forest stretched away for miles and miles, undeterred by a single house or clearing;  In her old age numerous farms, towns, churches and school houses occupy their stead. What wonderful changes have occurred in the long period of years over which her memory could wander.  She professed religion before marriage and was probably a member of the church for 60 years, her life was pure and noble.  She was ever kind and affectionate to all, exemplifying her Christian profession by a steadfast obedience to all the commands of God.  She labored faithfully in the Master's vineyard, and has been called to her reward.  Of a truth, it might be said, a mother in Israel has gone to the sunny banks of eternal deliverance, there to greet the master, whom she loved to serve, and the friends, children and husband who preceded her.  She was laid in the graveyard on the old farm called the Brickhouse Place, this place was her home for a long period of years.  She was followed to her tomb by a large concourse of people, all sad and sorrowing that this was the last opportunity they would have of gazing upon the features of one they all loved so well, she was the mother of eight children, six of whom are living, and to whom would say, mourn not for her, for she has laid off the mortal body that frail with old age, and clothed herself in the immortal vigor of her Redeemer's Kingdom.

Hartford Herald, May 7, 1884.  The Rev. R. A. Read, of Butler Co., will preach the funerals of Rev. R. C. Taylor and his wife at Hickory Church this county on Tuesday, May the 20th at 10 o'clock a.m. Uncle Dick Taylor as he was familiarly called by almost everybody was extensively known and universally liked. He and his wife had trod the pathway of life together for perhaps a half century or more and but a few weeks intervened between their deaths. They are remembered kindly and affectionately by scores of friends all over this section of the county.

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