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Hartford Herald - January 13, 1886 - Distances From Hartford

Hartford Herald - January 13, 1886
Distances from Hartford to Other Places
John J. McHenry, who assisted in the survey recently made by the Kentucky Geological Survey corps, has furnished us the distances from Hartford to other points, as follows:
To Centertown, seven and one-tenth miles.
To South Carrollton, seventeen and nine-tenth miles.
To Ceralvo, ten miles.
To Rockport, eleven and three-twentieth miles.
To Paradise, fourteen and three-fifth miles.
To Rochester, nineteen and one-fifth miles.
To Beaver Dam, five and one-eighth miles.
To Cromwell, thirteen miles.
To Borah's Ferry, fourteen and eleven-twenty-fifth miles
To Select, via Cromwell, seventeen miles.
To Rosine, via Leitchfield road, eleven and seven-twentieth miles.
To Horlon, seven and three-fourth miles.
To Hines' Mills, twelve and three-fourth miles.
To Fordsville, twenty miles.
To Bell's Run church, eleven and seven-twentieth miles.
To Pleasant Ridge, twelve miles.
To Buford, nine and one-fifth miles.
To Beda, four and three-fifth miles.
To Sutton, eleven and thirty-seven-hundreth  miles.
- - - - - - - - - - -
The weather began to turn cold Thursday night and Friday morning early it began snowing rapidly, and we had a fearful snow storm all day. Friday night it turned very cold, the thermometer registered below zero, and it has varied from that point to 12 degrees below up to this writing, Monday.

The five days receding this has been genuine winter weather. The thermometer, Tuesday morning early, touched 22 degrees below zero, which was as cold as ever known here in the recollection of the oldest citizens.
-          - - - - - - - - - - -
Mr. Warren Barrett was up in the Fordsville country when the snow storm came on, and in coming home Saturday, he encountered snow breast deep to his horse.  A man that could face the music and ride such a day as last Saturday has the right grit for a good assessor.

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