Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Marriage Licenses December 26, 1919



Everet Porter, McHenry R. 1, to Gussie Brown, McHenry R. 1.
John H. Stewart, Select to Ida Luck, Beech Grove.
J. W. White, Whitesville R. 2, to Lois Baker, Beaver Dam, R. 2.
Willie Allen, Horse Branch, to Artie Hazlelip, Rosine.
Ira Bartlett, Reynolds Station, to Agnes Evans, Fordsville.
Marion W. Bell, Centertown R. 1, to Nola G. Tichenor, Centertown R. 1.
V. B. Whittaker, Beaver Dam, to Geneva Leach, Beaver Dam.
Charlie Burton, Hartford, to Eva Mai Decher, Echols.
James Chester Tomes, Hartford to Lillian Stone, Hartford.
Bert Goodwine, Horse Branch, to Rena Martin, Horse Branch.
E. C. Craig, White Run to Pearl A. Keown, White Run.
Willard Baughn, Narrows R. 2, to Kathleen Keith, Hartford, R. 6.
Claud Weedman, Caneyville, to Lorine Davis, Renfrow.
John Ward, McHenry, to Bulah Walker, Huntsville, Ky.
John Willis, Hartford, to Lorine York, Hartford.
Lewellen Francis, Simmons, to Rosa Bell Young, Simmons.
Anderson Bratcher, Horse Branch, to Vergie Young, Horse Branch.
Sirgurl Gillstrap, Select to Ruthie Baize, Select.
Harrison Goodman, Hartford to Pearlie Hamilton, Hartford.
Clyde Keown, Hartford R. 6, to Eva Nevitt, Hartford, R. 6.
John Phelps, Morgantown, to Alvia Phelps, Cromwell.
Hebert Huff, Reynolds Station, to Amby Craig, Fordsville.
Clayborne Pirtle, Beaver Dam, to Effie Taylor, Beaver Dam.
Virgil H. Jordan, Leavenworth, Ind., to Ella Young, Horse Branch.

Note: I used the spelling from the newspaper, which is often inaccurate. Also, keep in mind that many people used their nicknames when applying for a marriage license.

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