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ADABURG.  A post office in Ohio county, 13 miles north of Hartford, the county seat, and 8 from Whitesville, the banking and shipping point.  Population100.  J. W. Patton, postmaster.  Combs, Wm., blacksmith.

Combs, Wm.                         blacksmith
Keown, J J                            teacher
Patton & Son                        General Store
Sapp, Rev. J H
Stewart, W H                         carpenter
Taylor, Rev. J T
Taylor, R. F.                           thresher
Ward & Co.                           Saw Mill
Weller, Alex


AETNAVILLE.   On the O. F. of R. & G. H. R. (Deanefield station), in Ohio county,
25 miles from Hartford, the judicial seat, and 5 miles from Whitesville, the nearest
bank location.  Population, 250.  Exp.,Adams Tel. W.U.  John J. Huff, postmaster.

Aetna Coal Co.                     general store
Brown, Henry                        barber
Canan, R L                            druggist
Carson, C T                          General Store
Haycraft, Mrs J M                 hotel
Heitzikng, Peter                    corn mill
Jones, Alvah                         physician
Morrison, J A                         police judge
Parson, J T                            marshal
Powell, Wm B                       general store
Thompson Coal Co             General Store and Coal
Thornton, H                           wagonmaker


BAIZETOWN.  In Ohio conty, 16 miles from Hartford, the county seat, 7 miles from Rosine, its shipping point, and 9 from Beaver Dam, its banking point. V. Embry, postmaster.

Albin, J R                               general store
Baize, John A                       mason
James, T F                             carpenter
Keown, A S                           General Store
Martin, R B                            constable
Worley, L N                           mason
Young, A                               physician


BEAVER DAM.  On the C. O. & S. W. Ry., 5 miles southeast of Hartford, the county seat of Ohio county, and 110 from Louisville.  Daily stage to Hartford. Exp., Adams.  Population, 600.  Emma Barnes, postmater.

Austin, A J                             carpenter
Austin, F O & Co.                 general store
Austin, R H                           blacksmith
Baldwin, D L                         carpenter
Barnes, John H,                   Cash Beaver Dam Deposit Bank
Beard, John                          barber
Beaver Dam Deposit Bank B. Dampy, pres, John H. Barnes, cashier
Blankenship, W H                grocer
Coats, Mrs G A                     dressmaker
Dampy, B,                              pres. Beaver Dam Deposit Bank
Gray, B F                               livestock
Hocker & Co                         general store
Hudson, J M                         carpenter
Hunt, Stewart & Leach        genl store
Maddox & Leach                  livery
Merrick, H                              railroad and exp agt
Metcalfe, H S                        hotel
Mitchell, George F               physician
Mitchell, I F                            physician
Mitchell, S I                           druggist
Rhodes, D J                          insurance
Taylor, C M                            saw and flour mill
Taylor, R T                             druggist
Taylor & Austin                     livery
Taylor & Co.                          meat market
Tilford, E D & Co                  groceries
Williams, J D                         blacksmith

BEDA.   In Ohio county, 5 miles north of Hartford, the seat of justice and bank location.  Beaver Dam, 9 miles south, is the nearest shipping point.

Bennett, B. M.                       blacksmith
Foster, John B                      general store
Goodshaw, A.                       general store

BELLS STORE.  Ohio county.  See Buford.


BUFORD.   Ohio county, 9 miles northwest of Hartford, the county seat and bank location and 20 miles south of Owensboro, the shipping point.  Population, 80.
W H Holbrook, postmaster.

Graves, B F                           live stock
Holbrook Winfrey,                General Store
Hoover, F M                          general store and flour mill
Hussey, C W                         hotel and blacksmith
Jargin, Rev                            (Baptist)
King, John W                         hotel and livery

CENTERTOWN.   In Ohio County, 5 miles from McHenry, its shipping point, and
7 miles southwest of Hartford, the count seat.  Population, 150.  Alvin Rowe,

Balls, T F                               blacksmith
Chapman George,               Physician and Drugs
Ford Bros.                              blacksmiths
Heill, John                             shoemaker
King, H C                               physician and drugs
Morton, L C                           miner
Rowe, W V(?)                       harness maker
Rowe W Morton,                  General Store
Stroud, B N                           flour and saw mill
Truster(?) & Brown              general store

CERALVO.   On Green River, in Ohio County, 10 miles south of Hartford, the
County seat, and 3 miles from Rockport, the nearest railroad approach.  Ship
direct by water.  Population, 130.

Barnard, W D                        hotel
Everly, Dr. J M                      drgs
Fulkerson, V D                     general store
Milner, P A                            blacksmith

CLEARRUN.  A post office in Ohio county.

CROMWELL.  On Green river in Ohio county, 12 miles southeast of Hartford, the county seat and banking point.  Population,  200.  J R Herald, postmaster.

Burden, B F                          blacksmith
Clark, B F,                             Dry Goods
Daniel, J W                           produce
Gentry, John                         hotel
Gillstrap, Hattie                     milliner
Gore, N W                              drugs
Kahn, A,                                Hotel
Leach, A K                            general store
Martin, W N & Son               general store
Shepard, James                   blacksmith
Taylor, J W                            physician
Taylor, J X                             drugs
Tilford, W T,                           Dry Goods and Tobacco

ECHOLS.   On the C O & S W Ry, in Ohio County.  Hartford, 11 miles northeast, is
the county seat.  J H Stevens, postmaster.

Duncan, W G,                       railroad and exp agt.
McHenry Coal Co.,             John H. Stevens, Mngr, General Store

FORDSVILLE.  On the O. F. of R. & G.R and L., St. L. & T. Rys. In Ohio county, 20 miles northeast of Hartford, the county seat and 75 miles southwest of Louisville.  Population, 600.  Exp., Adams,  Tel.  W. U.   J. T. Smith, postmaster.

Bristow, Rev J W                  (Baptist)
Brite, G W                              grocer
Cooper, J D                           druggist
Cooper, J F                           general store
Ford, C E                               stationery
Ford, T S                                live stock
Fordsville Banking Co,       J. T. Smith, pres.  Ike C. Adair, Cashier
Hale, J W                               watchmaker
Howard Hotel,                       J B. Howard, propr.
Johnson, L T                         railroad and exp agt.
Krawn Bros,                          livery
McCarty, J W                         physician
McCuen & Shawn               general store
Matthews, D M                      physician
Matthews, H F                      lawyer
Miller, N J                              carpenter
Osborne, T W                        painter
Reynolds, J S.                      flour mill and feed
Roberts, James                    deputy sheriff
Roland, Rev T F                   (Methodist)
Smith, C M                            horse trainer
Smith, J T Jr,                         Harness maker
Smith, J W                             barber and confectioner
Star (weekly),                        I M Key, prop.
Stines, T P                             teacher
Tabor, C B                             police judge
Wallace, B F                         farm implements
Wedding, T S                        blacksmith
Wedding & Dasch               shingle mnfrs.
Wilson & Co                          general store
Wright, Reuben                    blacksmith

HARTFORD.  The judicial seat of Ohio county, is located on Rough Creek, 110 miles southwest of Louisville and 4-1/2 miles from Beaver Dam, on the C., O. & S. W. Ry, its shipping point.  Population, 750. 

Bank of Hartford                   S K Cox, pres.  G T McHenry, Cashier.
Bean, G J                              undertaker
Bean, L B                              drugs
Bean, T M                              hotel
Carson & Co,                        general store
Casebier & Burton               livery
Duke, T S                              harnessmaker
Fair Bros & Co,                     General Store
Fields, C L                             livery
Ford, J W & Co                     flour mill
Foster, John B                      general store
Griffin, Z W & Bro                 druggists
Hardwick, W G                      grocer
Jones, J C                             general store
Klein, George,                      Hardware and Groceries
Manzy, W H                          carpenter
Martin, C R                            jeweler
Moseley, B F & Co               general                     
Potter & Condict                   saw mill
Schapmier, W F                   shoemaker
Thomas Bros,                       saddlers
Thomas, J A                          general store
Thomas, Owen J                  grocer
Weinshermer, Henry           jeweler
Westerfield, O P                   meats
White, A D                             general store
Williams Bros,                       blacksmiths
Williams, W H                       general store
Williams & Bell                     drugs
Woerner, L Fred                   shoemaker
Yelser, F W                           blacksmith

HEFLIN.  In Ohio county, 7 miles from Hartford, the county seat and banking point.
Ship to Beaver Dam.  R. A. Rowan, postmaster

Ford, Robert L                       physician
Heflin, W M                           general store
McMillan, C Z                       saloon
Newton, Florence,               music teacher
Rowan, R A,                         General Store

HERBERT.  A post office in Ohio county.

HORSE BRANCH.   On the C. O. & S. W. Ry., in Ohio county, 15 miles east of Hartford, the county seat.  Exp., Southern.  Tel., W. U.  Population, 50.

Autry, Thompson & Co.      general store
Daniel & Parks                     grocers
DeHart, Wm.                         grocer
Leech, W C                           grocer
Myrtle, W                                general store

HORTON.   Ohio county, on the C. O. & S., W. Ry, 7 miles east of Hartford, the
county seat and bank location.  Population, 100.  H. T. Thompson, postmaster

Ashby, H M                           blacksmith
Hyatt, J J                               stave mnfr
Muir, J T                                photographer
Thompson, G B,                  General Store and Flour Mill
Thompson, Miss Katie        railroad agt.

MC HENRY.   Ohio county, on the C. O. & S. W. R.R., 5 miles south of Hartford, the county seat and bank location.  Exp. Southern Tel.,  W.U.  Population, 500.

Central Coal & Iron Co.
Ford, J W & Co.                   general store
Hunter, R P                           grocer
McHenry Coal Co.               General Store and Miners
McHenry Mfng Co.               machines
Southard, J P                        blacksmith
Williams Coal Co.

MAGAN.   In Ohio county, 14 miles north of Hartford, the county seat and 4 miles from Deanfield, its shipping point.  Bank at Fordsville, 5 miles distant.  Population, 60.  J D. Ralph, postmaster.

Gray, J M                               blacksmith
Ralph J D                              General Store
Roach, Joel H                       physician
Westerfield, Isaac                physician

NARROWS.   On the O. F. of R. & G. R. R. R. (Phillips station), in Ohio county,
15 miles from Hartford, the county seat.  Population, 75.   Exp., Adams.  F. Renfro, postmaster.

Carmickle, James                blacksmith
Powers & Renfrow              saw mill
Renfrow Bros.                      General Store
Renfrow, J B                         railroad and exp agt

OLATON.   On the O. F. of R & G. R. R. R.  In Ohio county, 15 miles northeast of Hartford, the county seat and bank location.  Exp., Adams.  Population, 38.  W. B. McDaniel, post master and flour mill.

PALO.   Ohio county, 9 miles from Hartford, the county seat and banking point. 
Ship  to Beaver Dam.  E. Iglehart, postmaster and general store.

POINT PLEASANT.   On Green river in Ohio county, 14 miles west of Hartford, the county seat and banking point, and 2 miles east of Island Station, its shipping point.  Population, 50.  J. B. Maddox, postmaster.

Maddox, J. B.,                       General Store and Blacksmith
Patterson, L L                       leaf tobacco
Patterson, L M & Co,           brick and tile mnfrs.
Tenny, T F                             hotel
Tichener, B F                        physician

PRENTISS.   On Green river, in Ohio county, 12 miles southeast of Hartford, the
county seat and bank location.  Population, 75.  E. T. Miller, postmaster.

Dowell, M. C.                        wagonmaker
Miller, E. T.                            General Store
Shepard, G B                        flour  and saw mill
Swain, P A                            hardware and blacksmith
Taylor, Melvin & Son            flour and saw mill
Taylor, T M                             druggist

RENDER.   A post office in Ohio county.

RENFROW.   Ohio county, 12 miles southeast of Hartford, the county seat and
bank location, and 5 miles southeast of Rosine,  its shipping point. 

Douglas P H & Co.              general store


REYNOLDS  STATION.   On the O. F. of R. & G.R.R.R., in  Ohio county, 20 miles
from Hartford, the judicial seat and 4 miles from Fordsville, the nearest bank
location.  Population, 36.  F. M. Reynolds, post master.

ROCKPORT.   On Green river, in Ohio county, 11 miles south of Hartford, the
county seat and bank location.  It is on the C. O. & S. W. Ry.  Exp.  Southern.
Tel. W.U.  Population, 500.  M. J. Reid, post master.

Blivens, Robert B                 shoemaker
Campfield, M V                    general store
Culbertson, J J                     barber
Daniel, J & Co                      restaurant
Davenport, Mrs M C             hotel
Duncan, D J & Co.,              General Store
Fulkerson & Rap                  livery
Graves, W P                          lumber
Iler, R E & Co                        general store and drugs
Iler, R R                                  sadler
James, W B                          justice
Layton, Charles W               physician
Maddox, John D                   physician
Monroe, Felix                        lumber
Reid, L                                   transfer agent
Reid, Haden & Co.,             General Store
Rogers & Brown                   saw mill
Rossen, Wallace                  teacher
Smith, Joseph                      railroad and exp agent
Tilford, Wm                            fisherman
Tinsley, Edward                   carpenter
Woodburns & Dural             saw mill
Young, H J                            general store

ROSINE.   Ohio county, on the C. O. & S. W. Ry, 12 miles east of Hartford, the
county seat and bank location.  Exp.  Southern.

Crowder, L P                         confectioner
King, J W & Co                     grocer
Ragland, J M                         grocer
Ragland, M S & Son            general store
Watts, H P                             blacksmith

SELECT.   Ohio county, 15 miles southeast of Hartford, the judicial seat, 10 southeast of Beaver Dam, the nearest rail approach and banking point.  Population, 55.  J. J. Stewart, postmaster.

Baize, A & Son                     grocer
James, S M                           general store
Langford, R I                         physician
Shields, Birch                       teacher
Stewart, J. J.,                        General Store
Stewart, Miss Zada              music teacher

SHREVE.   Ohio county, 18 miles northwest of Hartford, the county seat, and 8 miles from Fordsville, its shipping point.   Population, 25.

SMALLHOUS.   Ohio county, 12 miles southwest of Hartford, the county seat.  It is
on Green river.  Population, 30.  T. R. Barnard, postmaster.

Barnard, E K                         general store
Barnard, T. R.,                      General Store
Drake Bros.                          leaf tobacco
Ford, T J                                blacksmith
Moorman, A C                      flour mill
Rayneer Bros.                      saw and grist mill
Richardson, T J                    blacksmith

TAFFY.   Ohio county, 8 miles from Hartford, 5the county seat, And 9 miles from Whitesville, its banking and shipping point.  B. C. Rhoads, postmaster and general store.

TAYLOR MINES.   A post office in Ohio county.

WESTERFIELD.   Ohio county, 12 miles from Hartford, the judicial seat, and 17 miles from Beaver Dam, the nearest rail approach.  Population, 40.

Rhoads, C J                          general store
Smith, P A                             blacksmith

WHITE RUN.   On the C. O. & S., W. R.R., in Ohio County, 18 miles east of Hartford, the county seat and bank location. 

Alford, J F                              general store.

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