Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sam Hightower

From The Hartford Herald newspaper, June 7, 1893.

On Sunday, the 28th, Sam Hightower, section foreman on the new railroad from Owensboro to Horse Branch, while returning from Horse Branch to Olaton, where he lived, was thrown from his hand car, which ran over him, inflicting wounds from which he died the next morning at 2 o'clock. At the time he fell he was on the front part of the car working one of the levers and while thus engaged his feet slipped and he fell in front of the car while it was yet running at a fast speed, and the car ran over him. A physician was sent for and he was conveyed to his home, but never recovered from the shock. His remains were interred near Olaton.

Note:  I found a Sam Hightower listed in the 1880 census as age 7; he was living as a boarder with the Thomas Corbin family in Ohio County, so if this is the same person as the man described in the article, he would have been 20 years old when he died. 

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