Friday, September 7, 2012

1890 Map

This map was furnished by Billy Morris, a genealogist and a native of Ohio County. Billy's note to me read: 

"When you look at the map you will see a railroad running from Horse Branch, Renfrow, Baizetown and was suppose to go to Morgantown in Butler County. It was to follow Horse Branch creek south go through a tunnel then follow Sixes Creek to Green River bottoms then to Morgantown. The farm I grew up on had a ridge on it. The house was sitting on this ridge. Rain that fell on the north side went to Horse Branch Creek, on the south it went to Sixes Creek. The tunnel was suppose to be built on that farm.My great aunt, Octavia Morris Hoskins, wanted to put in a restaurant and rooming house where it crossed the Rosine to Morgantown road. I was told there was lots of excitement about the railroad but it was never built."

Note that the town of Westerfield, as shown on the map, is now called Bell's Run.

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