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The James Thomas Smith Family - Part 15

Fannie Mae Smith

Born 16 Nov 1900 – Died 25 Nov 1968

and husband 

Everett Presley Taylor

July 21, 1900 – June 18, 1963 

            Fannie Mae Smith was the youngest daughter of James Thomas Smith and Sarah (Sanders) Smith.  Fannie was born November 16, 1900, at Select, Ohio County, Kentucky.  They had one son, Eldred Taylor, who died at Mt. Pleasant before 1963, and one daughter, Mildred Louise, who married John Phillip Bolton.  All are buried in Sunnyside Cemetery, Ohio County, Kentucky.   Everett was the son of James Martin Taylor and Kitty Ann Leach. 


Tape recording. March 7, 1977:   

            Grandmother:  “Fannie Mae and Mildred came that Sunday and they stopped their car way down the street and Mildred came up to the door and knocked, and said…I hadn’t seen her in no telling how long.  But I had a picture of her, and she came to the door and she talked, and I recognized her.  And that sure did get her.  She thought she was going to have a lot of fun out of me.  She asked something, like selling magazines, or something…and she came to the door and we began to talk, and I looked at her and I knew I had seen her.  Of course, I hadn’t seen her in several years.  And I said, “Mildred.”  And she said, “Aunt Eva, how did you know me.”  (Laughter around the table).  “They were a lot of fun.  Fannie Mae was so jolly.” 


Question from tape dated Mar 10, 1977:  “Was Fannie Mae a lot of fun when she was young, like she was when she was older?”  

GM:  “Yes, she was the life of the family.  And the baby.  Harb and Fannie Mae were close because they were the last two. Fannie married about two months before Harb, married. 

“All the rest of them were married and gone.  Fannie Mae was always in a big way.  Fannie Mae always came in after her dates at night and told Ma and Pa all about them and she would give them a blow by blow description, and they just enjoyed it.  My dad was getting old, and they would sit down in front of that fireplace and talk and talk and laugh.  She was close to her mother and daddy and she wanted them to know what a good time she had.  

“She married before Ella.  They stayed in Kentucky for a long, long time before they came to Texas.  She left Kentucky a long time after I did.  Oh, I don’t know what year she came to Texas.  And then his work called him to UtahSalt Lake City.  They first lived at Texarkana, and they just followed that work.  I don’t know what…a contractor I think, and then he got called to SLC.  And they are still there.” 


          Mildred said they lived near Aunt Della – had a swinging gate between them.  Their folks would call out to them:  “Mildred Louise Taylor, Ruby Valois Taylor, and Evelyn Sanders Taylor. 

          She said she always heard that when Grandma and Grandpa Smith got married, all they had was a barrel of molasses and that’s all.  She told the “hairpin” story about Grandma Smith.  And that she never fussed or said anything bad.  She always fixed Mildred what she liked to eat – big round biscuits, sugar-cured bacon, and fried corn. 

          Mildred said they left Kentucky in 1940 and went to Louisville, and Dad worked in Indiana.  They went to Texarkana and then transferred to Salt Lake City. 

               Mildred said on a tape once that her dad was crippled and drove heavy equipment all his life – stayed with the Civil Service. She said her mother retired from Sears-Roebuck 


  Mrs. Fannie Taylor 

   Mrs. Fannie Mae Smith Taylor, 68, of Salt Lake City, Utah, died Monday, November 23, at a Salt Lake City hospital.  She was a native of Ohio County But had lived in Salt Lake City for the past 20 years.


   Mrs. Taylor was a member of Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church in Ohio County and a member of Chapter 294, Order of the Eastern Star at Cromwell.


   Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Mildred Bolton of Salt Lake City; one granddaughter; four sisters, Mrs. Della Taylor, Louisville, Mrs. Elizabeth Sandefur, of Palestine, Texas; Mrs. Eva Cox of Troup, Texas, and Mrs. Ella Stewart of Cromwell; three brothers, Charlie T., Ellis J. and Harb Smith, all of Route 1, Cromwell.


   Services were held at 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 30, at the William L. Danks Funeral Home, conducted by the Rev. Arnett Williams.  Burial was in the Sunnyside Cemetery.                  




From the Ohio County Messenger, Beaver Dam, KY, issue of Friday, June 21, 1963.


"Everett Taylor Dies Tuesday"


    "Everett Presley Taylor 62, of Beaver Dam, died at 6:15 a.m. Tuesday.  He suffered a heart attack while in his car on the new Western Kentucky Turnpike near Beaver Dam.


    He was a native of Ohio County.  He was a member of the Cromwell Masonic Lodge No. 692, and the Cromwell Order of Eastern Star, No. 294.  He had resided in Salt Lake City, Utah for the past 20 years before returning to Beaver Dam. 

                Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Fannie Mae Smith Taylor of Beaver Dam;    one daughter, Mrs. Mildred Bolton of Salt Lake City, Utah; one granddaughter, and his mother, Mrs. Kitty Ann L. Taylor of Beaver Dam."

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