Saturday, December 15, 2018

Tobacco census 1910 - Calvin C. Borah

In August 1910 the Federal government collected data about the production of tobacco in the various states. A form was mailed to individuals and was filled out and returned to the Census Bureau. I found that fourteen people from Ohio County returned a tobacco census form.  Unfortunately the quality of these documents is not very good, some of the hand writing is hard to read, and the information contained in the documents is not earth-shaking but, none-the-less, it might be important to a descendant. I will post them in alphabetical order - the first is Calvin C. Borah.

Calvin Borah was born in 1845 so at the time he filled out this form he was 65 years old. The regular census for 1910 says he lived in Cromwell and was a timber dealer. Calvin lived until 1930. Page one above says that he leased the property where he had a tobacco crop (tenant).

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