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TIMOLEON MORTON, Ohio County. This section contains many fine large farms, owned and occupied by men of education and intelligence, whose enterprise and influence raise farming to a profession. Prominent among this class is Mr. Morton; he owns a beautiful home and a farm of 170 acres of land, two miles northwest of Cromwell. He was born in this county in 1834, and educated in the common schools, and at the seminary and college at Hartford. He was under the tutorship of Prof. Frank Griffin, one of Kentucky's best teachers. His father, Richard L. Morton, was born February 6, 1801, and died February 23, 1872. His mother, whose maiden name was Fanny Stroud, was born March 26, 1806, and died February 3, 1860. They were industrious and enterprising people, who accumulated a fine property, and became leading and influential citizens. Mr. Morton was married, in 1869, to Charlotte C. Turner, a daughter of Dr. Southall Turner, now deceased. Mrs. Morton was born in Greenville, Muhlenburgh County, June 25, 1848, but was brought up in Ohio County. Mr. Morton enlisted in an independent company, First Kentucky Cavalry, which was consolidated with Col. Helm's command, who was afterward brigadier-general and commander of the division. He followed the fortunes of his command under Wheeler and Gen. Forrest and Wade Hampton, until the close of the war. When Jeff Davis left Richmond, his regiment was called to assist in escorting the president of the Confederacy through the South. At Washington, Ga., Mr. Davis left his escort, and two or three days afterward was captured by the Federal troops. Mr. Morton has been deputy sheriff; has followed the lumber business some years, and now, after a residence of twelve years on his present farm, is one of the most prominent and wealthy farmers in the county.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W. H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Mr. Morton died 6 May 1897 in Ohio County and is buried in Old Liberty Cemetery, Beaver Dam.  His wife lived until 14 May 1907 and she is also buried in Old Liberty Cemetery.

 Timoleon Morton

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