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MRS. ELIZABETH TAYLOR, consort of BLACKSTON TAYLOR, deceased, died on Thursday, JULY 26, 1888.. at the home of her grandson W. P. LEACH.  She resided with her son JOHN R. TAYLOR near LIBERTY CHURCH, and was on a short visit when she was taken ill.  She lived 24 hours after she was taken sick.  Aunt Betsey leaves a large train of relatives, who are among the best people of the county.    (MRS. HARBOR BLACKSTONE TAYLOR)

Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor was born Elizabeth Ann Austin; she was born in 1807 in Prince George Parish, Montgomery County, Maryland. 

She married Mr. Taylor in 1828. One of her four children was Susan Mahulda Taylor (born 1830) who married John Miller Leach; Susan and John had four children: William Powell Leach, Joseph Blackston Leach, Marquis D. Lafayette Leach, and John Horace Leach.

In will of John Austin, the father of Elizabeth Ann Austin (Taylor), written on 2 Apr 1870 and probated on 2 May 1870, he names his four "living" daughters and his four Leach grandson's. He states the $200 note held on John M. Leach (executed in 1857/1858) is to be collected and divided between his four grandsons: William F. Leach, Joseph B. Leach, Marcus S. Leach and John H. Leach. Will [Will Book C, pg. 63].

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