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ELIJAH JOHNSON, farmer and carpenter, Ohio County, is the son of Edward Johnson, of Lynchburgh, Va., born in 1801, and removed to Kentucky in 1820, settling first in Henry County, but afterward went to Bourbon County, where, on December 23, 1828, he married Sallie Chinn, who was born in that county in 1798. They had two children: William, born in 1830, and died in 1843, in the State of Missouri, to which place his parents removed in 1842, and Elijah born in 1832. He was brought up in Missouri, Louisville and his own native county of Bourbon, his parents having returned to that place in 1846. He was liberally educated in the city of Louisville. He learned the carpenter's trade and became a skillful, industrious mechanic. May 9, 1849, he married Sarah P. Chinn, daughter of William Chinn, of Bourbon County. They had seven children: Lucy, wife of R. H. Hines, of Elm Lick, Ohio County; Mary S., wife of G. C. Pirtle, of Cromwell; William, deceased; Sarah M., wife of George Peters, of Beaver Dam; Nancy E., wife of James Peters, of Beaver Dam; and Thomas. Mrs. Johnson died in 1867, and he next married, in 1869, Mary E. Cox, daughter of William Cox, of Ohio County. Their children are James S. and Mary C.  Mr. Johnson's father died in 1844. His mother still lives and has her home with her son. Her father, Elijah Chinn, was one of the first settlers of the State of Kentucky.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  Elijah Johnson died 5 Nov 1909 in Ohio County. It is not known where he is buried.

JOHN M. JOHNSON was born July 24, 1850, in Ohio County, Ky., where he has continued to reside. His father, John Johnson, was born in Marion County, Ky., 1813; removed with his parents, at the age of six years, to Ohio County, where he is still living. He was the son of Clem Johnson, a native of Virginia, who died about 1860. Subject's mother is Zemara, daughter of Caleb and Salley (Huff) Hale, of Ohio County, born 1817, now living. To her and her husband were born Charles W., Sarah E. (Crow), Calvin (dead), Martha (Eskridge), William T., John M., Josephine (Magan), Felix (dead), and Cicero. John M. enjoyed such educational facilities as the schools of the country afforded in his youth. He was married. December 23, 1875, to Bettie J., daughter of John T. and Margaret (Runner) Smith, of Fordsville, Ky. (born July 20, 1857), and to this union were born Lonnie, Ollie (dead), Myrtie M., and Iva L. For many years, Mr. Johnson was engaged in dealing in general merchandise, drugs and tobacco, and is at present a dealer in leaf tobacco, having been successful in his various enterprises. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and is identified with the Democratic party.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  John M. Johnson died 8 Jan 1897 in Ohio County and is buried in Fordsville Cemetery.

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