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The contribution which penologists make to social advancement is not recognized, as a rule, by the general public, though their achievements in this respect are usually known to their fellow practitioners in this professional field, or to students of the other sociological endeavors. The fact that Lochie L. Daugherty has won public respect and esteem for his
work as Jailer of Ohio County is an indication that his success in this post has been achieved on a level which can be understood by the electorate and that it is aware of the progressive scientific measures which he has adopted to draw maximum value from the tax dollar supporting the penal system.

Elected to this important county office in 1937, Jailer Daugherty has steadily forged ahead in his work of improving conditions among prisoners and in inaugurating new techniques for their care and rehabilitation. His success in this respect has been recognized throughout Ohio County, and it has won him great public support.

Lochie L. Daugherty was born in Gilstrap, Butler County, Kentucky, on March 21, 1904, the son of Valentine Huston and Lue (White) Daugherty. The elder Daugherty was born in Flint Springs, in Ohio County, in 1874, and was a farmer who supported the Republican Party. The mother was born in Gilstrap in 1877, and now resides in Gilstrap.

Lochie Daugherty attended the county schools in Butler County and then worked with his father on the farm until 1924. In that year, he opened an automobile garage in Beaver Dam, which he operated until 1937, with growing success. He had in the meantime become interested in civic, political and penal affairs and, when the opportunity to be a candidate for the position of County Jailer arose, happily accepted in the belief he had a contribution to make in the public service— a belief in which the electorate supported him, for he has held the office ever since his election in 1937.

Mr. Daugherty’s wife is the former Ada Bell, who was born in Gilstrap on May 6, 1907. They have three children—Bonnie Mae Daugherty, who was born in Gilstrap on January 27, 1925; Willard Lindberg Daugherty, born in Butler County, on January 5, 1928; and Thomas Huston Daugherty, born in Ohio County on July 10, 1935. The daughter and first-born is now the wife of Conrad Dale Bartlett, son of Circuit Judge Clarence Bartlett, the marriage having taken place in Hardinsburg on November 15, 1941. They have one child, Conrad Dale Bartlett, Jr., born in Hartford on May 18, 1943. They reside on Judge Bartlett’s dairy farm, in the management of which her husband is active. Mr. Daugherty is active in the Baptist Church and in political and civic affairs. He continues giving the county jail system a progressive administration and grows daily in the esteem of the people of Ohio County who, recognizing their stake in proper penal management, appreciate the sincerity and interest of a man who, as County Jailer, protects their interests with skill and understanding.

Source: A Sesqui-Centennial History of Kentucky; by Frederick A. Wallis. Published 1945.

Note: Lochie L. Daughtery died on April 14, 1977, in Ohio County, Kentucky, when he was 73 years old.

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