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Abstract from The Oaken Hearts, by Donald C. & Clara May Cureton, published 1997.

John IGLEHART, born about 1743 in Prince Georges County, Maryland and Mary              DE NUNE, born 3 Mar 1752, of Huguenot extraction, were married about 1763. John died in Sep 1810 and they had the following children:

1. Martha Sarah, b 28 Aug 1765, mar 19 Feb 1787 Benjamin FAIRALL, 11 children
2. James, b 21 Jul 1767, d 1815, mar (1) Nancy --?-- mar (2)16 Mar 1813 Sallie HUMPHREY, two children
3. John, b 23 Jun 1770, d 14 Dec 1859, mar 4 Feb 1797 Rachel NICHOLS, 11 children
4. Richard, b 11 Sep 1772, d 17 Mar 1855, mar (1) 27 Nov 1797 Sarah STOCKETT, 0 children, mar (2) 19 Jan 1800 Nancy Anne HAMMOND, 11 children
5. Jacob, b 30 Mar 1774, d 9 May 1856, mar (1) 24 Jan 1798 Ann BEALL, 8 children, mar (2) 8 Jan 1813 Esther SOPER, 2 children
6. Jemima, b 31 Mar 1776, d before 1825, mar 29 Dec 1802 William BOYD, 1 daughter
7. William, b 13 Oct 1778, mar 24 Dec 1802 Jane Ann SMITH, 5 children
8. Elizabeth, b bet. 1779-1785, mar 23 Jan 1800 Abraham BOYD, 1 son
9. Levi, b 13 Aug 1786, d 12 Dec 1855, mar 19 Dec 1808 Ann Eleanor TAYLOR, 8 children
10.Dennis, b 1793, d 1846, mar 23 Mar 1815 Winnifred HUMPHREY, 5 children

Five brothers from this family removed to Ohio County, Kentucky from 1813 to 1815 and established the name in the midwest. We don't know whether or not any of their sisters and their husbands also moved. From various records we can determine
approximately when each brother made the trek to Kentucky.

1. James, oldest son, born 21 Jul 1767. A probate record in Prince Georges County of the distribution of his father's estate names, December 1812, "James Iglehart and his wife Nancy of Anne Arundel County, Maryland." On 16 Mar 1813 James married Sallie HUMPHREY in Ohio County. They subsequently had two children and James died in 1815 in Ohio County. James would have been 45 years old when he married in Ohio County.

2. John, second oldest son, born 23 Jun 1770, married Rachel NICHOLS 4 Feb 1797 and they had ll children. Their son, Henry D. IGLEHEART, born 18 Apr 1813, was listed on the 1860 census as having been born in Kentucky. In the 1914 Iglehart compilation is the statement by John B. Igleheart that the John born 1770 moved to Ohio County prior to 1814 but after 1811. John would have been 42 years old in early 1813.

3. Jacob, fourth oldest son, born 30 Mar 1774, married (1) Anne BEALL 24 Mar 1798 (they had 8 children) and (2) Esther SOPER 8 Jan 1813 also in Maryland. Their first child, Rebecca, was born 19 Nov 1813. Their second child, James Soper Igleheart, was born 15 May 1818 in Kentucky. Jacob would have been 39 years old in early 1813.

4. Levi, next to youngest child, born 13 Aug 1786, married Ann Eleanor TAYLOR 19 Dec 1808. Together with his wife and three oldest daughters he migrated in 1815 to a farm on Rough Creek, in Ohio County, Kentucky. Source: Levi Igleheart Branch compilation of 1961 citing inscription on bronze tablet in cemetery on former Levi Igleheart farm in Warrick County, Indiana. Levi was 29 years old in 1815.

5. Dennis, youngest child, born 1793, married Winnifred HUMPHREY 23 Mar 1815 in Ohio County, Kentucky. They had 5 children. Dennis would have been 22 years old in 1815.

One of the sons of John IGLEHEART and Rachel NICHOLS was James N. IGLEHEART, born 1797. A good guess would be that the middle initial stood for Nichols but this has yet to be verified. This James N. IGLEHEART married Ellen HUMPHREYS on 6 Jan 1820 in Daviess County, Kentucky. Notice that James N. was only four years younger than his uncle Dennis. Documentation shows that the three HUMPHREY girls were sisters so we have them marrying two IGLEHEART brothers and a nephew. This can be confusing to unprepared new researchers. Jerry Long in the Kentucky Room of the Owensboro-Daviess County Public Library submitted his research into the Maryland-Ohio County Iglehart family to Kentucky Family Records where it appears in Volume 21, page 41-47. On page 4 6 he wrote:

"The other five sons of John Iglehart and Mary Denune left their native state and joined the migration westward. Before leaving Maryland several of them served in the military during the War of 1812. In the early 1800's James, John, Jacob, Levi, and Dennis Iglehart all settled in Kentucky. John was the first to leave Maryland. About 1803 he went to Kentucky, first settling in Nelson County, near Bardstown, then a few years later, he moved to Ohio County in the western part of the state. James Iglehart left Maryland about 1812 and joined his brother, John, in Ohio County, Kentucky. James died in Ohio County only three years later. Dennis Iglehart made the trip to Ohio County about 1814. In 1816 Jacob and Levi Iglehart, with their families, made the trip together. Jacob settled near his brother, John, and Ohio County became their permanent home. Both have descendants living there today. Levi and Dennis Iglehart, after a few years in Ohio County, took up roots again and moved across the Ohio River into Southern Indiana. Levi settled in Warrick County, Indiana and Dennis in Spencer County, Indiana. In recollections of several descendants, it was later told that four brothers moved west, two settling in Kentucky and two in Indiana. Since James Iglehart had died many years before the other four brothers, most of his brother's families would have had no recollection of him, possibly explaining why, in family stories, it was told that four brothers came West and not five.”

John IGLEHEART who was born in 1770, died in 1859, married Rachel NICHOLS 4 Feb 1797 in Maryland. At least their first three children were born in Maryland, we're not certain of the next, but the remainder were born in Kentucky. They produced a total of eleven children as follows:

1. James N. IGLEHEART, b 2 Dec 1797, d 7 Sep 1851, mar 6 Jan 1820 Ellen HUMPHREY, 8 children.
2. Thomas N. IGLEHEART, b 10 Mar 1800, d 20 Feb 1855, mar (1) 16 Mar 1826 Eliza IGLEHEART (first cousin, b 4 Sep 1805, d 12 Aug 1834, dau of Jacob), 3 children, mar (2) 20 Mar 1835 Nancy WARDEN, 3 children.
3. Mary (Polly) IGLEHEART, b 21 Jan 1802, mar 12 Feb 1824 David BEALL, 6 children
4. Sarah (Sallie) IGLEHEART, b 26 Dec 1804, mar 7 Oct 1834 Joshua ADDINGTON, 7 children
5. Elizabeth IGLEHEART, b 16 Dec 1806, d 14 Jun 1890, mar 22 Mar 1830 Jesse ASHBY, 8 children
6. William D. IGLEHEART, b 10 Mar 1810, d 16 Oct 1865, mar 26 Dec 1833 Lydia SHECKLES, 12 children
7. Henry D. IGLEHEART, b 18 Apr 1813, d 1890, mar (1) 10 Dec 1834 Amelia Ann BENNETT, 8 children, mar (2) 6 Oct 1852, Cynthia Ann ASHBY, 3 children
8. Margaret IGLEHEART, b 4 Oct 1815, mar Sander BOYKEN, l dau.
9. Anna IGLEHEART, b 1 May 1818, mar 16 Oct 1839 Robert SOUTHARD, 4 children
10. Alfred IGLEHEART, b 10 Oct 1820

11. Martha IGLEHEART, b 1 Mar 1823, mar 9 Mar 1841 Edmund SOUTHARD, 9 children

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