Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ward Family

Ward family in front of their home in Nocreek, Ohio County, about 1885-95.  Chester Ward standing between his father and mother. Arel Ward between mother and his grandmother. Agnes Ward sitting in her mother's lap. Notice wooden gutters on house.

UpdateArl Benjamin Ward 1894-1966 son of Joseph Benjamin Ward 1843-1927 married 1888 to Alice Aiken (Long) Ward 1859-1920 daughter of Susan Cathern (Cavas) Long 1816-1904 buried Centertown Cemetery, Ohio Co., Ky.  Chester David Ward 1889-1958 buried Sunnyside Cemetery, Ohio Co., Ky.  Agnes Susan (Ward) Dempsey 1899-1979 buried Earlington Cemetery, Hopkins Co., Ky.  Joseph was in 12th Kentucky Cavalry in Union Army during Civil War.  Thanks to Helen McKeown.

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  1. Thanks, Helen and Charles, for your information. It looked like a picture from old Ward Town (No Creek).