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The Ohio County Times
November 25, 1970

            Staff Sergeant William L. Tooley, Jr., son of William L. Tooley, Sr., Highway 62, Rockport, has received his second award of the Air Force Commendation Medal for outstanding achievement at Tyndall AFB, Florida.
            Sergeant Tooley, disregarding his personal safety, entered a hazardous area to assist in extinguishing a fire on an aircraft. His actions not only saved the burning aircraft but also prevented the fire from spreading throughout the area. He is an aircraft mechanic at Tyndall with a unit of the Air Training Command.
            Sergeant Tooley returned from Vietnam last January after com­pleting a 12-month duty tour at Tan Son Nhut Air Base.
            The 1964 Centertown High School graduate attended the Gulf Coast Junior College, Panama City, Florida.
            His wife, Evelyn, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Anglin of 1301 Georgia  Avenue, Lynn Haven, Florida.
            Sergeant Tooley's mother, Mrs. Irene Tooley, resides in Louisville.


            Navy Seaman Apprentice Darl W. France, son of Mr. and Mrs. Owen France of 510 Central Avenue, Beaver Dam, has returned to Norfolk, Virginia, after a deployment to the Mediterranean aboard the guided missile frigate, USS Belknap.
            The Belknap was participating in an advanced fleet missile exercise in the Caribbean when, along with the guided missile frigate USS Leahy, she was called upon to escort the attack carrier USS John F. Kennedy in a high speed transit  to the Mediterranean to provide additional support of the Sixth Fleet forces.


            Army Private Edgar C. McIntyre is assigned to Company A, 18th Bat­talion, 5th Brigade, here in the Training Center, Armor (USATCA).
            He will spend the next two months learning the fundamental skills of the soldier in today’s modern action ar­my; firing live ammunition under simulated combat situations, learning protective measures and first-aid for  chemical, 'biological, and radiological attacks, as well as being schooled in the use of modern arms.
            Interspaced with the constant emphasis on proper physical con­ditioning, diet, rest and health habits, there will be ample opportunity to utilize USATCA's many and varied recreational and religious facilities. Following the completion of Basic Training, PVT McIntyre, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. McIntyre of Route 1, Narrows, will receive at least an additional eight weeks of either advanced individual or on-the-job training to qualify him in a specialized military skill.


            U.S. Air Force First Lieutenant George A. Barnes of Beaver Dam has been decorated with his second Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement in Southeast Asia.
            Lieutenant Barnes, son of Tim Barnes, Rt. 3, Beaver Dam, distinguished himself as an F-4 Phantom pilot when he flew a mission against enemy trucks and supplies on a heavily defended route. Despite intense antiaircraft artillery fire, he made repeated accurate ordnance deliveries, destroying trucks and supplies destined for use against allied forces.
            The lieutenant was honored at Ubon Royal Thai AFB, Thailand, where he serves with a unit of the Pacific Air Forces.
            A 1961 graduate of Beaver Dam High School, he received his B.S. degree in 1966 from the University of Kentucky and was commissioned the following year upon completion of Officer Training School at Lackland AFB, Texas. He is a member of Alpha Gamma Rho.
            Lieutenant Barnes' wife, Johnnie, is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. I. K. Cross, 8 Parklane, Texarkana, Texas.


            Army Private Larry E. Patton, 24, son of Mrs. Helen F. Powers, 3454 Dermont Thruston Road, Owensboro, Kentucky, recently completed nine weeks of advanced individual in­fantry training at Ft. Polk, Louisiana.
            During the course he received guerrilla training and lived under simulated Vietnam conditions for five days, fighting off night attacks and conducting raids on enemy villages. He was taught methods of removing booby traps, setting ambushes and avoiding enemy ambushes.
            Other specialized training included small unit tactics, map reading, landmine warfare, communications, and firing the M-16 rifle, M-60 machine gun and the 3.5 inch rocket launcher.
            Pvt. Patton entered the army in June 1970 and completed basic training at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.
            The Private, son of Ellis G. Patton, 313 S. Main St., Beaver Dam, Ken­tucky, received his B.S. degree in 1970 from Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green.
            His wife, Marjorie, lives at Western Hills Trailer Park, Bowling Green.


            Army Specialist Four Dennis R. Young, 21, whose mother, Mrs. Cherlena Young, and wife, Bertie, live at 800 Madison Street, Beaver Dam, is serving in the 545th Military Police Company of the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) near Phuoc Vinh, Vietnam.

            Recently the company had the honor of being recognized as the most outstanding military police company in the U.S. Army. In ceremonies at the base camp, the commanding officer of the 545th was presented the first award of the Jeremiah P. Holland Trophy by Colonel Wallis K. Wittler, Provost Marshal, U.S. Army, Vietnam, representing Major General Lloyd B. Ramsey, Provost Marshal General of the U.S. Army.

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