Saturday, April 18, 2015

Anna Lucille (Leach) Brown

Anna Lucille (Leach) Brown

      Anna went by her middle name, Lucille. She was the fourth child born to Denham Cook Leach and wife, Addie E. Hayworth.  Lucille was born 11 August 1908 in Ohio County. Her siblings were: Raymond Earl Leach; Lena Leach; Walter Denham Leach; Oswald Hayworth Leach; and Virginia Adeline Leach (all born 1903 – 1914).  The family farm, where they were all born, was in the area of Sanderfur’s Crossing.

      Lucille attended Western Kentucky University, graduating in 1939, and became a school teacher, first in Ohio County and later in Daviess County. She taught school for over 35 years. The photo below shows Lucille with her students at the Brown School, near Equality, Ohio County. I estimate that this photo was taken about 1940 – 41.  The second photo was found in the same album and it was probably taken at about the same time.

      Lucille married Clarence Othmer Brown.  Clarence died in 1992 and Lucille died in 1996. They are both buried in Sunnyside Cemetery, Beaver Dam.

Obituary:  Date: October 10, 1996 Publication: Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer (KY) 
Lucille Leach Brown, 88, formerly of Owensboro, died Tuesday, Oct. 8, 1996, at Christian Health Care in Bowling Green. She was born in Beaver Dam and was a school teacher for 35 1/2 years in Ohio and Daviess counties. She was a 1939 graduate of Western Kentucky University and was a member of the American Association of University Women and the Daviess County Retired Teachers Association. She was a member of Settle Memorial United Methodist Church and Owensboro Woman's Club.


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