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W. L. S. BRACKIN, deputy clerk, Ohio County, is the only child of James B. and Eliza B. Brackin, and a grandson of William Brackin, who emigrated from North Carolina to Sumner County, Tenn., many years ago. His parents were persons of intelligence and good sense. The mother was born April 14, 1808, and died March 16, 1862, and the father was born in Tennessee in 1801, and died August 16, 1874. W. L. S. Brackin was born in Henry County of the same State, in 1825; was brought up in Sumner County. His advantages for an early education were somewhat limited, but he improved the opportunities he had by reading and study, and became in latter life a man of wide information. He also obtained a fair knowledge of business, and many years ago was elected deputy clerk of Ohio County, which office he has held continuously since. He is widely known for his strict honesty and fair dealing. He owns a good farm on the Rosine and Pinchico road, about two miles and a half from Cromwell, Ohio County. He is a member of the Cromwell Masonic Lodge and is a life-long Democrat. On his mother's side he is descended from the Searcys, a very prominent and influential family, many, of whom reside in Arkansas.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

Note:  First name was William.  Might have died in 1905.  Probably never married.

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