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IGNATIUS P. BARNARD is the son of Joshua Barnard and the grandson of Ignatius P. Barnard, who settled in Ohio County about 1820, having come to that place from Maryland. The great-grandfather was a Revolutionary soldier and served in the patriot army during that war. Our subject was born in Ohio County in 1846. He received a common school education, and at the age of fifteen years enlisted in Company C, Ninth Kentucky Regiment, Confederate army, Col. Thomas H. Hunt, Breckinridge's Old Brigade. He was brave and fearless as a soldier and met with many narrow escapes from death. He was twice a prisoner. While confined in the prison at Louisville, Gen. Burbridge, the Federal commander of the post, selected him with others as hostages, and as reprisal for the Federal soldiers killed by guerrillas, a certain number were drafted to be shot. Mr. Barnard escaped this draft three times, and was finally exchanged. After his first capture he was placed in a prison, which stood on the square where the Stamford Hotel now is, in Louisville, Ky., from which he succeeded in making his escape and finally surrendered at Washington, Ga. At the close of the war he commenced business at Buford. After teaching school and filling the office of constable, he bought and sold tobacco fourteen years, and subsequently became one of the owners and superintendent of the Taylor Coal Mine near Beaver Dam. He is now a resident of Beaver Dam and controller of an extensive business in general merchandise, tobacco and coal, and enjoys a high reputation in both commercial and social circles. January 23, 1868, Mr. Barnard was married to Bettie Bell, eldest daughter of Mrs. Mary Bell, and grand-daughter of Dr. A. R. Rowen, of Ohio County, Ky. This union has been blessed with three children. Mr. Barnard's mother was Rhoda Brown, daughter of James Brown (who was widely known as "Faith Dr. Brown," an old time practitioner, and a lady of many estimable qualities of mind and heart.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

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