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EDWARD G. AUSTIN, Ohio County. The ancestors of Mr. Austin were among those who came at an early day from Virginia to this State and have always been prominent citizens. His father was the celebrated Rev. Bishop James F. Austin, who was born in Ohio County in 1820, and baptized by the Rev. Alfred Taylor, one of Kentucky's earliest ministers. Bishop Austin was educated in the common schools, and later acquired a vast fund of information by close study and application, and at the age of twenty-two entered the ministry of the Baptist Church, And, although his labors were mostly in Ohio, Muhlenburgh, Warren, Daviess and Butler Counties, he established a reputation throughout the entire State, and was for many years superintendent of the Association of Ministers. As a pulpit orator, financial manager and bishop his rank was second to none. He died of Bright's disease, October 4, 1883. Mr. Austin's mother was a Miss Corinna Thomas, also a native of Ohio County, born in 1825. She obtained her education in the common schools, and was married in 1843. They had thirteen children, five of whom never reached the years of accountability: James P. married a Miss Phelps and has two children: Sally, wife of W. L. Rowe, has three children; Josephine, wife of F. J. Davenport, of Ellis County, Tex., has seven children; William T.; Luvena (deceased); Victoria, wife of Thomas Hendricks; our subject; and John W. The mother still lives at the old homestead, six miles southwest of Cromwell, where they have 340 acres of fine land.

Source: J. H. BATTLE, W H. PERRIN, & G. C. KNIFFIN 1895

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