Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rockport - 1895

1895-96 Kentucky State Gazetteer


On Green River, in Ohio County, 11 miles south of Hartford, the county seat and bank location. It is on the C.O. & S.W. Ry. Southern Express. Western Union Telegraph. Population, 500. M. J. Reid, postmaster.

Business Directory

Blivens, Robert B., shoemaker
Campfield, M. V., general store
Culbertson, J. J., barber
Daniel, J. & Co., restaurant
Davenport, Mrs. M. C., hotel
Duncan, D. J. & Co., general store
Fulkerson & Rap. Livery
Graves, W. P., lumber
Her, R. E. & Co., general store and drugs
Her, R. R., saddler
James, W. B., justice
Layton, Charles W., physician
Maddox, John D., physician
Monroe, Felix, lumber
Reid, L., transfer agent
Reid, Haden & Co., general store and drugs
Rogers & Brown, sawmill
Rossen, Wallace, teacher
Smith, Joseph, railroad & express agent
Tilford, William, fisherman
Woodburns & Dural, sawmill
Young, H. J., general store

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