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Elizabeth James

WILLIAM C. SEWELL and wife, Elizabeth James: An old settler and a man honorably associated with the history of this county, is William C. Sewell, a native of Tennessee, born June 11, 1854. His father, Joseph G. Sewell. a blacksmith and fanner, married Catherine Mayberry, a Tennessee lady, and came to Kansas in 1871, and settled on Union creek, Independence township, where he bought and improved a claim to a well-cultivated farm. In December, 1882, at the age of fifty-three years, the father died, but the mother still survives, and is now sixty-eight years old. Of this marriage, there were four children, three of whom are living, namely: John B., Andrew, and William C.

William C. Sewell came to Kansas, with his parents, in 1871, when he was seventeen years old. His education was received in the common schools of his native state, and his marriage occurred in May, 1876, his wife being Elizabeth James, a native of Ohio county, Kentucky, and a daughter of Joseph L. James, mentioned, liberally, in this work.

Mr. Sewell began life, as a farmer, on rented land, and, after two years, he bought an untamed farm of eighty acres and lived on that, for a short time, when he sold it and became a renter, again, for five years. He bought another eighty-acre tract, the farm where he now resides, five miles northeast of Tyro. This farm he has improved and made one of the finest homes in his township, adding more land, at various times, until he now owns four hundred acres. On this farm, is a handsome residence, built on a high elevation, from which a good view of Independence, fifteen miles away, and all the country round, can be had. He, also, has good out-buildings and a large barn, lighted with natural gas. Gas is used in the house for fuel and lights and for a torch in the front yard.

It was by resistless energy and unity of purpose, that Mr. Sewell has attained this gratifying prosperity. He is township treasurer and has served, as such, several terms, at various times. In politics, he is a Populist.

In Mr. and Mrs. Sewell's family are nine children: Gentry L., Anna B., Walter A., Stella, Harry, Paul, and James. Three of the children are dead: Adolphus, who died at eleven years; Lydia at nine years, and Franklin at ten months. Gentry, the eldest, married Eunice Ellingsworth, but the other children are single and at home.


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