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Caroline Davis

Claudy Esty Gary, spouse of Caroline Davis.

The capacity for finding enjoyment in what one has to do, of being able to invest one's labor with interest and enthusiasm, are essentials of success which have been incorporated in the career of Claudy Esty Gary, Superintendent of Schools of Butler County, Kentucky. From the time that he began educational work, fifteen years ago, Mr. Gary has not only been a student and participant in the development of the educational system in Kentucky, but has always found pleasure in his labors, no matter how onerous, and perhaps this is one reason why his achievements are touched with the mark of originality and individuality and why they have borne so much fruit. Mr. Gary was born at Welch's Creek, Kentucky, July 23, 1887, a son of John M. and Mahala (Wilson) Gary. The branch of the family of which he is a member had its origination in England and the first immigrant came to America during the early history of Colonial Virginia. The great-grandfather of C. E. Gary was William Gary, who was born in the Old Dominion and was a pioneer of Butler County, Kentucky, where his last years were passed in agricultural pursuits and where he died in advanced age well esteemed and respected. William Gary, son of William, the pioneer, and grandfather of Claudy Esty Gary, was born January 10, 1839, in Butler County, Kentucky, and had little more than passed his majority when occurred the out break of the war between the North and the South. In this struggle he enlisted in the Union forces and fought bravely and faithfully until the close of hostilities, when he returned to the peaceful pursuits of farming. These occupied his attention and energies during the remainder of his life, which extended beyond four-score years, his death occurring September 16, 1920. He was a man of splendid qualities and had the respect and warm regard of those with whom he was associated. He married Caroline Davis, who was born in 1835, in Ohio County, Kentucky, and died in Butler County, in 19oo. For his second wife, the grandfather married Armilda Burden, a native of Butler County, who survives him as a resident of Grayson County, this state. John M. Gary, father of Claudy Esty Gary, was born in 1867, at Welch's Creek, Butler County, Kentucky, and received his education in the rural schools of his native community. He was likewise reared there, grew to manhood, adopted the occupation of agriculture, and was married, and for many years carried on operations as a successful and progressive Butler County farmer. In 1918 Mr. Gary transferred his attention to the oil industry, having realized on several investments therein, and at the present time is located at Goose Neck, Texas, where he is working as an operator of several valuable properties. He has resided in that community since 1918 and has received splendid returns from his investments. In political matters Mr. Gary gives his firm allegiance to the cause of republicanism, although he has not been a seeker after personal preferment of a political or public nature. He joined the Baptist Church as a young man and has always been a member thereof, and has lived his faith. Mr. Gary married Miss Mahala Wilson, who was born in 1860, in Butler County, Kentucky, and died here in 1916. The only child of his parents, Claudy Esty Gary, received his early education in the rural schools of Butler County, following which he pursued a course at the Butler County High School, at Morgantown, from which he was duly graduated with the class of 19o5. At that time he entered the Western Kentucky State Normal School, at Bowling Green, which he left after one year. In the meantime, in 19o5, Mr. Gary had commenced his labors as a country school teacher. This probationary period extended over something like eleven years, during which time he was broadening his education, enriching his experiences and gaining an intimate knowledge of his work and of the motives and hearts of the children placed in his care. Thus when, in 1916, the call came and he was elected to be county superintendent of schools of Butler County, he was fully prepared and ready for the place. He took office in January, 1918, and entered upon his duties for a four-year term, with his offices in the Courthouse at Morgantown. He has achieved much in the way of reforms and innovations, and has won the respect and confidence of the teachers and pupils, as well as of the general public. Under Mr. Gary's charge are ninety schools, 101 teachers and approximately 5,000 pupils. He takes a deep and pleasurable interest in his work and at all times is endeavoring to make his services more valuable. Mr. Gary is the owner of his own pleasant and attractive modern home on Roberts Street, Morgantown, and is a director in the Butler County Oil and Gas Company. In politics he adheres to the principles of the republican party, the candidates of which he sup ports without question. He holds membership in the Kentucky Educational Association and belongs to the Baptist Church at Morgantown. During the period of the great World war, Mr. Gary took an active and constructive part in all local war activities in Butler County and contributed his full share toward the success of every project. In 1916, in Butler County, Mr. Gary was united in marriage with Miss Emma Belle Ingram, daughter of H. D. and Josie (Embry) Ingram, who reside at Tilford, Butler County, where Mr. Ingram is engaged successfully in the general merchandising business. Two children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Gary: Joffre S., born May 23, 1917; and Emma Lois, born December 27, 1919.

Source: History of Kentucky, Vol 5.  By William Elsey Connelley and Ellis Merton Coulter. Published 1922.

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