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World War II

World War II - Ohio County
 Dead and Missing
The following was published by the War Department in June 1946 and includes information from 27 May 1941 to 31 Jan 1946.
The type of casualty codes are as follows: (1) Persons killed in action -  KIA. (2) Persons who were wounded and later died of wounds  -  DOW. (3) Persons who suffered and died of fatal injuries -  DOL (4) Persons who died outside combat area from accident, sickness and other non battle causes  -  DNB. (5) Persons determined dead but type of casualties unknown and more information needed for finding of death  -  FOD. (6) Persons missing.  -  M.

NAME                         RANK             STATUS
Allen, Willie M.             SGT                 DNB
Austin, Clarence C.      PVT                 DNB
Black, Harold               PFC                  KIA
Bratcher, George A.     PVT                 DNB
Brown, Carl D.             LO                   KIA
Cambron, Adrien          SGT                 DNB
Campfield, Walter S.    PFC                  KIA
Davis, Kenneth             PVT                 KIA
Davidson, Preston G.    SGT                  KIA
Douglas, Henry H.        PFC                 KIA
Duff, Willard R.            1 LT                 FOD
Edge, George W.          SGT                 KIA
Embry, Thirstal             TECS               DNB
Fuqua, George E.          PFC                 KIA
Gillespie, M. R.            1 LT                DOW
Green, Everett R.         PFC                 KIA
Hamilton, Clemie C.     PVT                 DNB
Hocker, Plautus W.      PFC                 DNB
Hoskins, Riley H.         SGT                 DNB
Johnson, Azim             PVT                 KIA
Johnson, Charles L.     PFC                 KIA
Jones, Dennie Jr.          SGT                 DOW
Keith, L. B.                  PFC                 DOW
Kimmel, Leonard A.    CPL                 DNB
Logsdon, Leonard H.   PFC                 DNB
Martin, Louis E.           PVT                 DNB
McMurty, James S. Jr. PFC                 KIA
Moore, Willis D.          PFC                 KIA
Morris, Gettie              PVT                 KIA
Nanney Sheldon S.      SSG                 FOD
Piercy, Cecil                 SGT                 DOW
Phelps, Rex T.              SSG                 DNB
Rains, Onis L.              SGT                 KIA
Raley, Maurice H.        PFC                 KIA
Ralph, Carl C.              PFC                 KIA
Russell, Charles S.       PVT                 KIA
Shields, James B.         PVT                 KIA
Shown, Lewis E.          CPL                 DOW
Stewart, Henry C.        PFC                 KIA
Stewart, John W.         PFC                 KIA
Veach Earlmon            1SG                 DNB
Westerfield, Willie E.    PVT                 KIA
Yeager, Carlos             PVT                 KIA

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