Monday, June 17, 2013

Charles W. Hoskinson

Charles W. Hoskinson, Farmer, Section 3, P.O. Sampsel (Missouri). Mr. Hoskinson was born in Ohio County, Kentucky, February 9, 1841, his maternal grandparents being Thomas and Katy Ashby, both Virginians by birth, who moved in an early day to Kentucky. On his father's side his grandparents were Hugh and Nancy Hoskinson, originally from the Blue Grass state. Mr. Hoskinson's father, Charles C. Hoskinson, was born and brought up in Kentucky as was also his wife formerly Miss Tamer Ashby. The former was a farmer by occupation and he remained in his native state until 1862 when he died. Ten children blessed this marriage, and of these the following are deceased: Thomas W., Susan C., Cynthia J. and Margaret E. Those who reached maturity are Sarah E., now Mrs. Aaron Jewell; Joseph W., in Ohio County; Charles W.; James A., in Kentucky; Ruth A., now Mrs. Conrad Roder of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; John R. of Iron County, Missouri. Having been brought up on a farm, it was perhaps but natural that Mr. Hoskinson should choose that occupation as his calling in life. This he has since continued, and with the substantial results that only come of strict attention to business and care and thoroughness in the discharge of every detail. He now owns 110 acres of land. In 1861 he enlisted in the United States service in Co. D, 26th Ky. Infantry. He took part in the battle of Shiloh, and on the second day of the engagement was wounded, and then was sent to the hospital at St. Louis. In a month thereafter he received a furlough for 60 days, then went home and from there to Evansville, Indiana, going then three months later to Louisville, where he remained two and a half months. He obtained an honorable discharge in 1863, and in 1869 he left Kentucky and took up his location in the county. June 5, 1862 Mr. Hoskinson married Miss Sarah E. Ashby, daughter of Thomas and Cynthia Ashby, of the same community as himself. They have nine children: Charles T., born October 24, 1863; Frances A., born August 8, 1866; Susan M. E., born December 31, 1868; William A. L., born December 3, 1861; Edmund H., born May 5. 1874; Lillian R., born December, 12, 1876; Cynthia J., born September 29, 1879; Effie May, born April 7, 1882; and Joseph R., born April 10, 1884, and they had one son, John W. R., born October 13, 1885.           

The foregoing is from HISTORY OF LIVINGSTON COUNTY, MISSOURI, 1886. It contains a sketch of all citizens of the county at that time.

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