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Robert Taylor Render

Hartford Republican
February 19, 1892

Robert Taylor Render

First saw the light of day on November 10, 1849. He was born near where the pleasant little city of McHenry now stands, of one of the oldest and best families of the county. His father, J. L. Render, was a son of Robert Render, one of the old pioneers of the Green River country. It is related of the old pioneer that he was once passing through a cane-brake near the mouth of Lewis Creek, armed with his hunting knife when he was attacked by a huge bear, but by skillful use of his knife he succeeded in slaying the ferocious beast without receiving any serious wound himself.

He was Moderator of the Kentucky Baptist Association for forty years. Robert T. labored on the farm during the greater part of the year as he grew up to manhood and only enjoyed such educational advantages as could he had in the old subscription school. But he was quite early distinguished for his close observation and thus he acquired a knowledge of men and things that many with better opportunities have failed to obtain. He was ever fearless and true, and early in life won the confidence of his people which he yet enjoys. On October 10, 1870, he was married to Miss Mary A. McConnell, a woman of great worth, and to them nine children have been born: Ida B., aged 19; Katie, aged 17; Moses Pendleton, aged 14; Winfield Scott, aged 12; Maude, aged 10; Roscoe, aged 7; Alvin Clarence, aged 5; Grover, aged 3, and Joshua James, aged 8 months.

Mr. Render has been a life-long farmer and is in good circumstances, owning one of the best farms about McHenry. He is a Baptist and until recent years has been a Democrat but is now claimed as a Third Party man. He was elected Justice of the Peace for the Hartford Magisterial District in August, 1886 and was reelected August, 1890. Being a man of energy, strong convictions and great tenacity of purpose, coupled with pleasing address, he commands the respect and wins the love of his fellow men.

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