Friday, November 23, 2012

Community of Newville - Maxwell

Maxwell, previously called Newville, is located in Ohio County, but appears to be on the county border. I found this little community on an 1889 Railroad Map located between Buford and Levia (west of Buford and east of Levia) and in 1889 it was called Newville. I next found it on a 1911 county map and it was named Maxwell. It is not listed as a township in the 1900 thru 1940 census records for Ohio, Daviess, or McLean counties. I suspect that if you were born in Newville, or Maxwell, you were probably born in Ohio County - but maybe not.

The following information is found in a history of Daviess County Post Offices: 

"At the junction of Daviess, Ohio, and McLean Counties, seventeen miles south of Owensboro, was a late nineteenth century trade center known as (John) Kigel's Store. In 1867 two landowners, James and Gordon Robison (or Robinson) laid out a town which they called Newville. It was not until May 9, 1893, however, that the local post office was established (by William V. Crow) as Maxwell which lasted through Dec. 1907. Perhaps, as some say, Newville was a "new community." But records in the three counties that claim this community fail to reveal families of Newville or Maxwell for which it could have been named. Maxwell still identifies the place."

The following is a current map:

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